Cushions completed

Yesterday, after moving the dock boxes and the grill to storage, Phil and I went our separate ways completing errands. Mine was picking up and dropping off sewing machines at Alko Sewing Center, getting trickle charges for when we store our cars, and dropping off sewing machine parts with my Uncle.

Once back at the club house, I set up and finished the last two cushions. I’m happy with how they turned out and now That I see how nice the new fabric looks, I don’t like the red side so the cushions I previously made and am thinking of replacing the sides on the previous cushions so that they coordinate. You know how with a house when you paint the walls, and everything else doesn’t look as good? Same thing applies on MY home, aka SV Changes.

It’s 5am, and I woke at night as it’s a little warm. As it usually goes, my mind starts turning and I start thinking about what can I do with updating the cushions so they coordinate more? Could I just rip and cut out the top edge that really shows and not have to rip all the pieces apart? When I was laying in bed, maybe. As I’m sitting in the salon, the answer is maybe I can replace the just the part of the sides without the zipper. But then there would be a little 3-4″ section of red showing on each side bottom edge. Would I be happy with a little of the red showing on the sides? Probably not. My perfectionist qualities come out in two areas of my life and unfortunately this time, sewing is one of them. What’s the other you ask? Being a hospice nurse. Ultimately, I won’t change the sides as they are under a lot of wear from being pulled out to access the lockers behind, and the new fabric just isn’t up to the stress like the ultra-suede that I currently have is. But it’s nice to dream. Now on to designing a pouch for the yarn swift that Phil made me for Christmas.

Here are a couple photos of the completed Cushions.


Forward Cushion



This last photo is of our daughter Victoria with her husband, Nick, and sons Henry and Calvin who visited us July 1 and 2. The boys were good and we had a nice visit with them.


8 thoughts on “Cushions completed

  1. Lorraine, The cushions look great. You sure are quick when it comes to makeing things. I love the picture of you, Phil and Vicki’s family. Ginny


  2. Love the cushions! I’ve also got to remember that I don’t want a bazillion different patterns on our boat. Need to think of the broad picture.


  3. Lorraine, I can identify with your cushion concerns. The fabric looks good and a good neutral for the boat. I can also relate to thinking about it until it is done. Great job. Ruth


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