Change of plans – On to Erie, PA

We woke this morning at 515am to catch the 6am bridge out of Port Stanley.  Last night at 2am, Lorraine woke and none of the lights would work- not a good sign.  I woke Phil as I was concerned we wouldn’t have enough battery power to start the engine.  After some troubleshooting, Phil found that one battery was down to 8.9V and the other was ok.  Our battery charger is not working and it seems that the solar panel controller is set up for the one batter that was charged.  So we are now off to Erie so that we can be in Ohio while trying to fix the problem.  The winds are to be SW 5-10 kts, so we’ll have a reach and it won’t be such a long day as going to Port Dover, Ontario, Canada.


Later in the day:

Once we were set and on our course to Erie, I went below and had a nap. When I came up, the wind picked up to more than we predicted, up to more than 10 kts and the waves that started at 1-2 ft built to 3-4 ft. I got sea sick and took Marazine twice. The first time at the beginning of my watch that even being at the helm didn’t help ease my stomach, and another dose at the beginning of Phil’s 2nd watch. I took a another nap and when I woke up about 1 pm, the winds had died as well as the waves and I felt better and was able to eat the sandwich and fruit I had prepared before we left. At 110 pm, Phil turned on the engine as our speed was below 5 kts, we arrived at the Presque Isle State Park Marina gas dock to check in to Customs with the picture phone, get diesel, and then were anchored by 506 pm. We called Customs 2 times, no answer and then called again later and still no answer. It’s 615pm and supper of sliced roast beef with onions, carrots, and potatoes are cooking in the pressure cooker. We are going to relax tonight and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Later still:

BTW, the supper was good and not too much left over.

On a side note regarding the batteries, the solar panels are not working well with part of each of the 4 circuits on each panel shaded by the wood used to support the mast. We have motored for 5 hrs today, so both batteries are charged. Once we take the mast down, Phil will move the wooden support forward so that the shadow is not shading the solar panels. Can’t do anything about that now due to the boom. Lessons learned right!?

We don’t know our plans yet, but may go to Dunkirk, NY tomorrow. There are some high winds predicted for Wednesday, so want to be in a safe place to wait them out. Besides, it’s been a long time since Phil was there, and I have never been there.

11 thoughts on “Change of plans – On to Erie, PA

  1. Lorraine:
    Just read your comment about having motion sickness. I don’tknow how you do it. It makes me ill just reading about it.


  2. Such unwelcome problems though I have full confidence in your pragmatic approach! wish you well and a nice swig of southern comfort, which, by the way is wonderful for motion sickness! Best of luck and weather. Will be monitoring you from Laguna Nigel!


    • Actually I suspect I had problems being seasick from the wine I drank the night before we left, even though it wasn’t that much. I’ll have to be more careful.

      Will have to look up Laguna Nigel.


  3. Put the postcards in the mail today. Sorry to hear about the problem. We love Erie PA and it will be a wonderful opportunity to take a rest.
    IF you go to Dunkirk say hi to Ed and Joan from the Fosters. He had a Monk 36(in the Bahamas and a Shark when we were there in 2009!
    Great to see you both again.


    • Will pass on the message. Would like to meet them. Yes, it’s peaceful here and the storm that came through was pretty mild considering what I saw on radar. We let out extra chain on the anchor, but turns out I don’t we needed it, but it sure didn’t hurt either.


  4. Sorry to hear of your problem and hope it is resolved soon and that you had to deal with motion sickness–not fun. Dale picked up the sewing machines today. He didn’t mention anything about a manual, only that there was one presser foot.


  5. Glad to see your progress. Sorry you are having elec. problems. When you reach the Bahamas, I will really be envious. Kathy and I are having halibut and a great bottle of wine for dinner. We will be certain to toast both of you for your dreams and your courage and your love, without which tis could never happen.


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