Heads Up

Saturday, November 30

We wanted to let everyone know that we will be soon crossing over to the Bahamas. That means mail wise that if there is any mail you want us to physically get before we cross, best to mail it to our Green Cove Springs, Fl address by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. We are waiting for some important mail and packages to arrive to forward to us at Lauderdale Marine Center once we arrive there on Monday, if all goes well. Once we have received this mail, we will cross on the next weather window which may be next weekend. While we are in the Bahamas, we do not plan to have any mail sent to us, though we will be able to have mail scanned and emailed. All mail that we want to get later, will be forwarded to us once we are In a country when we can trust their mail service. Exceptions are if someone is coming to visit us, and then if they are willing, we would have important mail sent to them to physically bring to us.

Please let us know if you are interested in visiting us. We would love to see you!

Also as a heads up that once we are off shore crossing, we will be turning off our Verizon cell phones. We will have a Bahamian cell phone, but last time there it was $.80/min for calls. I have bought a magic jack phone that I’ll set up to use over the internet when I can. We will also get SIM cards for the iPads in the countries we will be visiting. Last time I sent text messages to family when I was online so that we could text. I have Messages app, so maybe that will work in place of the IM via FB, which I don’t see anymore. Technology has improved so maybe will be better than last trip. Emails are a good way to reach me and you can send me a text message which I’ll receive IF we are within cell online range. I’ll let you know more once we are there.

We are in Manatee Point close to St. Lucie Inlet anchored close to our friend Ken on Sail Away. We had a good time going in Ken’s dinghy to the Winn-Dixie and then to an authentic Mexican restaurant. We were the only Anglos there. The food was great even though their salsa was different and HOT spicy wise. Terri P would have loved it. Me not so much as my lips were burning.

Once back I made a Key Lime Pie from limes I picked off the ground while in Melbourne, FL. It has to cool, so we’ll have it tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how it turned out.

Tomorrow we go about 25 nm to Lake Worth close to Palm Beach then hope to go outside on the Atlantic Ocean for a day trip to Fort Lauderdale to avoid the many many bridges between lake Worth and Fort Lauderdale on the ICW. I hope everyone is staying warm and doing well!

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