Installing the flexible coupling

Installed Flexible CouplingSince Changes when into the water last Thursday, May 2, Phil has been working on installing the flexible coupling (the red thing). The first step is to unbolt the prop shaft flange from the transmission flange and check the alignment. When I did this, I could easily see that the transmission flange was a 16th of an inch lower than the prop shaft flange. The next step was to break the motor mount bolts free and raise the rear of the engine to match up with the flange on the prop shaft. Good thing I have the Scissors Jack on the boat that I bought when I put the motor mounts in, because I needed to raise up the back of the engine high enough to get the wrenches under the mounting flange. I got the engine aligned and was ready to install the coupling. I decided that I would put a 1 inch wide piece of tin/copper braid from one side to the other of the coupling so I had an electrical connection so the zincs on the prop shaft could continue to protect the engine. Once i figured out how to make the electrical connection, it was pretty straight forward to install the coupling. Now all that’s left is a sea trial to make sure everything is working fine.

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