Cruising Plans

November, 22, 2014

SV Changes and Phil are I Trinidad. I fly down to meet him Dec 3. Then we plan to go north through the Caribbean to the Bahamas getting to Georgetown end of April for the Family Island Regatta. We want to have the boat in Florida by June. We haven’t decided yet whether we will bring Changes all the way to Grand River, OH on Lake Erie on not yet. Follow the Blog and find out.😀

September 6, 2013

I see that it’s September, and we are not on the Chesapeake yet, but we will be soon to visit my niece, then to visit Cruising friends and then up the Potomac to Washington D.C. to visit family. We will still be using October to get south to close to Savanna, Georgia until Nov 1 when we can go south of 32 degrees into Florida.

February 3

This is where we’ll have a ROUGH ESTIMATE OF WHERE WE WILL BE..
Early August we want to get to Long Island Sound to visit, Gary and Patty, Chet and Carol, and Phil and Diane. We aren’t sure yet how long we will be there and if we are going up to Martha’s Vineyard or other islands just south of Cape Cod or not. We do plan to circumnavigate Long Island, then go to visit Jim and Linda in Barnegat Bay, NJ.

September has us being on the Chesapeake Bay to visit Heather in Baltimore and seeing other family and friends. We want to be out of the Chesapeake Bay by the end of October at the latest to enter the ICW. We don’t have plans to go to the Annapolis Boat Show. The only other semi-firm ideas are to be in South Florida for Thanksgiving and cross over the first good weather window in December to the Bahamas crossing at Gun Cay Cut to Chub Cay and to Fraiser Hog Cay if we came make it that far on one log passage. We would like to be on Nassau for Christmas.

Check back every once in a while, or better yet, check out the last few posts, as I usually give a brief update as to where we are going next.


4 thoughts on “Cruising Plans

  1. We will be in Brunswick, GA up until late October. Then we’ll head direct to BVI. Hope we see you either in GA or somewhere along the way!


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