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Last time we were cruising, we had to downsize the food we had at our house. I have a thing about food and I really don’t know where it came from. You would think that I grew up not having enough food to eat, but I never was hungry growing up. I am always having too much food in the house. Phil is always giving me a hard time (kidding ways) that we have enough food on the boat to cross the ocean, which really isn’t true. So this time, while living in our 2 bedroom apt, I am trying very hard not to get too much food and we’re working on provisioning for 14 meals AND THAT’S All, I keep telling myself. I was wondering what meals that other cruisers have in their provisioning list. What are some of your standby meals that work when you want to fix something good and easy. One of my meals is one pot spaghetti. Another is chicken and rice casserole. Somewhere in our log books, we have a list started and I was surprised how hard it was to come up with 14 meals that are made of food items that keep well for a while using canned and packaged good. So by end the of April, we will have to finalize our list. Now I’m not expecting that we will beating only these 14 meals, as I’m hoping that we will be catching fish much more than our last trip. I also hope to eat more local food. Thanks for listening and I’ll share my list of meals once it’s finished. Happy eating.

5 thoughts on “What’s Cooking

  1. Brinkman cans are 24 oz, a large can that will feed you two for two meals. I liked Brinkmans because there was very little fat on the top, unlike Werlings. Werlings coos their meat in the can and therefore the meat shrink and looks like not much is really in there. Brinkmans offer a sampler case, which I recommend. A can each of ground beef, chunk beef, chunk pork, white meat turkey, white and dark turkey chunks and chunk chicken all on a 1/2 case. (too bad I don’t get a cut for all the times I have recommended their stuff) D & Don


    • It sounds like the Brinkmann meats are worth the extra money. I found the Keystone Pork was a little dry for my taste. We still need to tryout the ground beef.


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