Heads Up

Saturday, November 30 We wanted to let everyone know that we will be soon crossing over to the Bahamas. That means mail wise that if there is any mail you want us to physically get before we cross, best to mail it to our Green Cove Springs, Fl address by Monday or Tuesday at the […]

Thanksgiving in Vero Beach

Thursday, November 28 Happy Thanksgiving and hope you’ve all been blessed! We started the morning with oatmeal for breakfast. We’ve had it the past two mornings, which is unusual for us. Last night was a cold night getting down to 43F outside and 62F inside the boat. I had gotten out our 2nd quilt and […]

Last a Day in St. Augustine

Wednesday, November 20. / The morning started out cloudy and a little cool. Phil noticed a water leak yesterday close to exhaust so went to work first thing in the morning. Until we know if he can fix it, we won’t know if we can leave tomorrow for Daytona Beach or have to stay here […]

Shalom Y’all Food Festival

Sunday, October 27. Day 110 We woke up to more cold this morning. An unusual thing happened. We heard birds walking on the foredeck and then saw birds walking on the forehatch. We haven’t seen this before so I attempted to get some photos, very quietly getting out of bed to get the camera and […]

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Monday, November 18 We got back from the SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Association) GAM in Melbourne, FL yesterday evening after seeing my parents on the way home. Today was the day for Phil to get parts for the engine and be driven up to Jacksonville, FL to pick up the completed head after the some […]

Stay in Turners Creek-Savannah, GA

Thursday, October 24, Day 107 We woke to clear skies and 54 degrees outside and 62 degrees inside the boat. The engine is taking many cranks to turn over and start, but is better than yesterday. We cast off Bentana at 725am with minimal current. It was so cold that Phil put gloves on at […]

Bad news in St. Augustine

Tuesday, November 12 We have been at Rivers Edge Marina since last Thursday troubleshooting what is wrong with the engine. Phil spent Saturday and part of Sunday removing the head from the engine thinking that it was a valve problem. Yesterday with Harold’s help (SV Ghost III docked a few boats down from us) Phil […]

It’s better in St. Marys

Monday, November 4 We started the day bouncing around in the Cumberland Island Anchorage after spending a trying night at anchor. The wind and current were opposing each other and Changes couldn’t figure out where to be, so she was just everywhere! I woke up about every 2 hours. You know how it is; one […]

NOT the best day!

Sunday, November 3. 730pm If you have read the earlier post, you know that we have been having engine troubles. But it turns out that we had other troubles I will tell you about, and we’re still not sure of the cause. I had finished my short post and went to the head to take […]

Engine Problems

Sunday, November 3 We have been having problems with the engine having difficulty starting. While we were in Brunswick, GA Phil took a look at the engine. At first he thought it was the push rod as it was longer, but after some research and adjusting the rocker arm, the engine started like it should. […]