A Saturday and Sunday in Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada

June 25 & 26, 2022 We’ve been busy seeing and visiting with people, going places that I didn’t take the time to blog Saturday, so here is this weekend in one post. Saturday We woke a little before 8am, which is sleeping in for me, to a beautiful day. 68F, calm winds, and blue skies. […]

Week at South Side Marina, Turks and Caicos

Today is Sunday, February 23 and I’m sitting in the cockpit with the sound of,the wind with the halyards clattering in the 12-17kt breeze from the east. We left South Side Marina at 550am trying to leave at high tide, and just getting out of the shallow channel only because Phil powered through the sand […]

Saturday in Port Stanley

Yesterday was a day for meeting old friends. We really enjoy the PSSS (Port Stanley Sailing Squadron). They have a nice little club and they are so friendly! Phil has been coming here since since 1979, the first year that he bought Changes. Heather and Murray Rand were here that first year and are now […]

Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada

We arrived at Port Stanley this morning about 635am and jilled around until the 7am bridge after a motor boat ride in glassy seas and ❤ knots winds across the Lake. There were lots of stars and also lot of bugs, Canadian Soldiers, but overall, it was a good crossing and we're glad to miss […]