Duckweed, Dragonflies and Turtles

Thursday, September 26, Day 79 We woke at 630am and tried SSB channel 4045 to see if we could hear Chris Parker’s weather and behold we could barely hear him. There was a lot of artifact, but hear him we could. We took a look around and seeing a lot of beach exposed in the […]

What makes life easier on Changes

Thursday, September 26 MonkeyFist has a topic about what makes things easier to live on a boat. We went down to the Bahamas the winter of 2010-2011 with only a canvas Bimini to protect us. Phil had updated the boat, but we learned so much and have made even more upgrades that I wanted to […]

Passage to Reedville, VA

Monday, September 23. Day 76 Last night we made the decision not to go back north to attend the SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Association) Annapolis Gam which I had really wanted to attend to meet cruising folks. We are to have north winds for the next few days and need to get south to try […]

Passage to St. Michael – No to Annapolis, MD

Monday, September 16 Day 69 Today is the day to go to St. Michaels on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, As is typical for us, we woke early at 6am and castoff at 644am. We saw a beautiful sunrise which is one of the advantages of being up so early. The wind was […]

Visit with Family, Essex, MD

Monday September 9, Day 62 Our first full day in Essex, my niece was working in the morning, so we relaxed on the boat. I worked most of the time updating the blog and Phil was reading or doing what he does on the iPad. For lunch I doctored the crab spaghetti, which made it […]

Stay at Cape May

Wednesday, September 4. Day 57 606am we start the engine, but the snubber hooked on the chain twice, once in the top part and again in the bottom slot and it was something for Phil to get unhooked. Finally at 615am we raised anchor the 2nd boat to leave. At 645am on the Atlantic Ocean […]