Pepperplate to the rescue

What is Pepperplate you ask? or maybe you don’t ask.  Pepperplate is an app on the iPad and also a web site on my windows computer that you can import recipes from many of the cooking web pages. Even more you can also manually add recipes. make menus, plan meals on a calendar and make shopping lists based on the recipes you have planned.  So my hope is no more recipe index cards to find a place to put them on the boat. Phil’s mantra since we’ve return is we need to bring LESS stuff.   Last trip, we didn’t have an iPad and I specifically bought my own so that I can put in all the recipes that I think I’ll use instead of having to take along my index card of recipes. (Well, I DID buy it for other reasons too)   The great thing about this program is that whether I use the iPad or computer, everything is in both places!  Cool don’t you think?

I expect that I will have a couple cookbooks on board, but NOT the cookbook I used last time for all the rice and bean recipes that we had to eat over and over and over again.  We are still on the lookout for rice and bean recipes that Phil will eat – so if you have some good ones – please send them along.  We would love to try them out before we leave if possible.

 I also bought The Boat Galley Cookbook in the Kindle version which I can also read on my iPad using the Kindle app.  So far there are a lot of great tips and maybe I’ll change some of my meals plans to something else as time goes.   Happy Eating!

6 thoughts on “Pepperplate to the rescue

  1. Hi Lorraine, That’s so cool! Sounds like you are far more computer literate than I am, but I’m going to ask Chet if we can put that app on our Google Nexus! Being as we haven’t launched ourselves too far from home port YET, we zip back and forth from home to boat a lot, and hauling cookbooks has gotten really old! We’re looking forward to seeing you this season and can’t wait to talk galley and other boaty things! Happy Easter, Carol and Chet


  2. Ah – rice & beans: the staple of the recently divorced man. Not that I would know.

    It’s been quite a few years since we have touched base – could you have Phil email me or give me a buzz?

    Nick Lindan


    • Because that’s the kind of recipes we’re in short supply of that Phil likes. We are open to other recipes that would be good also if you have others to pass on and we DO plan on eating other foods.



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