Phil going to Trinidad

November 1, 2014

Phil leaves Wednesday, Nov 5 to fly to Trinidad. Mike and Jean from SV Tomorrow’s Dawn are kind enough to pick up Phil at the airport and offered him a berth the first night. He plans to get the boat ready and put in the water waiting for me to come, unless there is such a terrific weather window to get to Grenada. Then I want him to take it and I’ll fly the puddle jumper to where he is.

In preparation for him leaving, we have moved in with my Niece, Maggie, her husband Joe and their son Indiana. I am really looking forward to being “Grandma” until I leave Wednesday , December 3. It’s also much closer to where I work, which will be very nice indeed.

I am very grateful that Phil has stayed her 2 weeks longer than we had planned. He has been such a good support to me. I also want to thank my sister in law, Ginny, who offered up her home this summer. It’s been a pleasure to stay with her and we’re VERY grateful.

The first snowflakes have fallen today, so I’m looking forward to being in the warmth where I can wear my sundresses and see my sailing/cruising friends again. I have enjoyed working this summer and feel fortunate that I’ve been able to work full time with the flexibility to take time off when I’ve needed. How many people have that??!! All bills have been paid, so now I’m starting to save for the cruising season.

Keep an eye out for posts from Phil as he write about getting the boat ready.


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