Grenada Dominoes

Sunday, December 7

Last night I had my first good night sleep and woke at 515am. I took advantage of the quiet time and wrote yesterday’s post. We were up for the cruisers’s net, but being Sunday, there wasn’t one. At least my alarm is set so we won’t miss it tomorrow.

Phil replaced the alternator belt, but I’ll let him tell the story. While he was doing that, I was in the cockpit enjoying a little breeze and knitting the right pink sock. It’s going well and I’m really getting it Into the rhythm of the chart. They are the pattern called Chardonnay from the Fall 2012 issue of Sockocupied. I figure that I have time to do a more complicated design. So far it looks good.

We had lunch of PB&J sandwiches. Then we both read until it was time to get ready to go play Grenada Dominoes. It’s like Mexican Train dominoes, but you pass 2 dominoes to the person next to you. After playing rounds starting with 12 down to 7, the high and low scoring persons switch to another table. We met up with Rick French on SV Vision Quest with his wife Peggy and niece, Kathy and joined them the first round. I was low score and Rick was high score so we both moved to the same table behind us. My low score didn’t last long as I ended up with a total of 354 and Phil ended up with 315. All is good. We were invited over to SV Vision Quest, had a nice conversation before we were given some sour cream to go with our black beans and rice and headed back to Changes.

On the way back, we had a hard time finding her. Turns out the mast anchor light is not working. We did remember to leave on the inside red lights, but will have to have Phil go up the Mast to find out what is going on. Maybe Rick can help. We have a portable anchor light that plugs into our 12volt outlet to use for now.

Rick is setting up a tour of Grenada for Thursday leaving at 9am and lasting most of the day. It costs $25USD plus we buy lunch. We will hit most of the highlights seeing a rum factory, cocoa farm where they make chocolate, drive through the rainforest and more. That night Bingo starts at 8pm, but you have to make sure you buy your cards before it starts. It’s at the Tiki Bar, so is close by. I hope to go if I’m not too tired by the tour. I also plan to go to the Grenada Memorial this week to take a photo for my Brother-in-law who fought there as an Army Ranger the early 1980’s.

We are thinking about buddy boating with Vision Quest leaving Saturday if the weather is good and they get their anchor windlass fixed. We haven’t decided where the next stop will be after Tyrell Bay, the last island to check out of Grenada and then Union Island, the first island to check into the Grenadines and St. Vincent.

I’ve been enjoying chatting on Messenger with family and friends this evening. The Internet here is good enough that I can watch some short video clips depending on the time of day.

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