Preparing for my last days at work.

I have 7 working days left and this has been the week that I have had to tell my patients that I am leaving on a trip that will last a year, maybe longer and I will no longer be THEIR nurse. It’s been a sad week for me and I’ve shed a few tears along the way. I am going to miss them.

I have been fortunate in the hospice field that I work in, to have most of my patients for a long time. What does that mean in hospice terms? Greater than 3 weeks, but even more I’ve many of my patients 6 months to a year! And I really like them! I like, no more than like, love my job! I’m on a great team and feel comfortable with them, feeling like I really contribute and make a difference, which is going to come to an end soon. I’m VERY fortunate that my company is going to save my hire date for a year! So will have the option to coming back to work again.

Most patients understand and wish me luck. But one patient said, “You’re like family” and even though I’m a nurse, I can get very connected to them especially when you see them every week for many weeks and months.

I am looking forward to leaving, but it is very different this time because I am connected to a team and I’m connected to my own caseload of patient. Today my Team Leader and I picked the nurses on our team that will be taking over their care, and there is comfort that I know they will be well care for by them.

This too shall pass and it’s part of the process to get ready to go cruising, which I have missed terribly these past 2 years. Next week, I’ll introduce them to their new nurses and say a little prayer for them.

4 thoughts on “Preparing for my last days at work.

  1. Although I only was fortunate enough to spend one day with you, I truly think about you and those four patients every day I come to work here. You are an inspiration, as are all of the nurses caring for the patients at HWR. Thank you, Lorraine, for being kind to the new girl and showing me what it is really all about. I know your patients will miss you and you them, but you are enjoying life and they surely can appreciate that. Safe travels.


    • You are so kind. It was great to have you that day. I will miss my patients, that’s for sure, but hospice work has taught me to live life to the fullest.


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