Katie’s Thoughts on the Trip

So mom wanted me to make a post about what I thought about them going on this trip.

I am happy they are going on this trip. I know they will have a lot of fun, meet a lot of great people, have a lot of great experiences, and go to a lot of cool places. I really wish I could join them for 6 months while they are in the Bahamas. I really wanted to go further south than I did when I was with them during their last trip. I especially want to go again because this time they have provisioned the boat a lot better and so I could have the quarter berth to myself and there would be more room to maneuver

One of my worries about the trip is the length of time away from them. Going two years without seeing your parents and only communicating through email and chat is a long time. Also I may be able to do facetime (once they’re outside the states I’m not sure they will ever have a good enough internet signal to be able to do that even with the Badboy). I know mom is thinking about coming back during the summer to work so I would be able to see her then but she may not come back. Even when they do finish this trip they probably aren’t settling in Ohio. I still have some support around me in family and friends but I’m not living with family this time around, I am all on my own. I am worried about not having as much emotional and financial support as I did last time when I was living with my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jeff.

Overall, I am happy they are going on this trip and they have my approval


2 thoughts on “Katie’s Thoughts on the Trip

  1. Thank you for posting. Remember that I’m a phone call away and we’ll talk about seeing each other sooner than 2 years. I have confidence that you are up for this challenge of being on your own.


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