Itinerary and people we are trying to sleep!

Where we docked, it feels isolated, but in truth it isn’t as we found out last night when at 2-3am some people were close by and talking LOUDLY, enough to wake me up but not enough to really hear what they were saying. Don’t they know that we are trying to sleep? We had to leave the hatches open to get what little air inside the boat, and I was having the fan on then off as the night progressed hoping that it had cooled off enough to keep it off, most of the time I had to put it on. Why do I want it off, because of the noise. So I’m up at 6am because the light is shining down into the V-berth even though I would like to sleep more. Ok. Rant over and thanks for listening!

Last night we were tentatively planning where and when we wanted to stop through this coming week. We want to see my brother, his wife and his 3 daughters, but it’s not ending up on a weekend like we would prefer for them. Wouldn’t you know it, they will have the dam fixed enough in Little Falls area that it will open on July 18 to recreational boats so now we won’t be able to slow down our trip and not have to pay for more than a 10-day transit. It works this way, if the canal is closed after you pay for your 10 days, then even if it takes a lot longer than 10 days before it opens, you don’t have to pay more. We were hoping to take advantage of that so we could really slow down this part of the trip. Now we have to evaluate all our options.

So as of today, and life changes quickly on a sail boat, our schedule looks like this:
today stop in Medina for free pump out and see the Train Museum and continue on to Holley to tie up for the night.
Monday go to Pittfield or Fairport
Tuesday- layover Fairport.
Wednesday – got to Newark Terminal for the sights and then to Lyons and the infamous Fire Dept showers.
Thursday- Baldwinsville
Friday – Brewerton or cross Lake Oneida to Sylvan Beach.
Saturday – cross Lake Oneida if the weather wasn’t good on Friday or stay in Sylvan Beach. They have a nice laundromat there too.

4 thoughts on “Itinerary and people we are trying to sleep!

  1. Learn to love the white noise of youur fan. I cannot sleep WITHOUT it! So much so even when it is cold I just turn the blades away from me. Plus it also blots out the neighbors…


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