Pirates Weekend in Sylvan Beach

This morning we woke to relative coolness, but still too hot for Phil to make coffee so we went walking in town and came across Flashback Cafe. Here is a panoramic of the interior.

There we met Laura and Ken. Ken was born in Cleveland area, moved to Arizona as a young child. They have moved to Sylvan Beach to be close to their grandchildren. We had a nice time talking with them.

Laura took a photo of us next to Marilyn Monroe. Phil looking under her skirts.

Us behaving ourselves.

After breakfast, we took a walk back on the beach. They groom the sand, and it was very pleasant to be there before the crowds. The jet skies and such are on docks in the water as it’s very shallow for a long time. At the end of the beach is an outside shower to rinse off the sand.


On the way back we noticed one of the restaurants had a water spigot, being low on water we asked them if we could fill some jerry jugs and they kindly say yes. So we filled 2-5gal and 4-2.5 gal jugs, putting them in our rolling crates. After filling the water tank we had 7.5 gals left. Phil also found and fixed the leak at the input hose, which was dripping slowly, so we’ll keep an eye on whether that fixed the problem. When we last ran the bilge pump, it ran for WAY too long. Phil also tightened up the stuffing box, so between those fixes, we hope there is less water in the bilge.

This afternoon, we sat in the cockpit reading and trying to stay as cool as possible in the 98F heat. There was a breeze that helped. We can tell that the canal is open, as 3 boats came together and tied up. S/V Northern Spirit owned by Ron and Lynne tied up behind us. They are from Canada and returning from doing the circle route and going to the Bahamas. They’ve been gone almost 15 months. While Phil took a nap, I joined the new arrivals sitting under the bridge in the strong, constant breeze coming off the lake. That is the best place to sit, andd I’m glad that we bought a new beach chair for me.

Tonight is the first night of Pirate Weekend. The activity tonight is going to 10 bars and tasting their signature drink. So far we’re at the Crazy Clam and had peach mojitos. Very good. They give you a ounce per drink per bar for free. Dinner is also good.

Tomorrow we will continue our trip down the Erie Canal get to who knows where. We’ll decide that tomorrow. The weather is to be 81F tomorrow, so we definitely look forward to that as I’m sure you do too. When we left early like those didn’t expect this heat.

For the kids, we saw seagulls.


6 thoughts on “Pirates Weekend in Sylvan Beach

  1. You guys missed all the fun on the Grand River today. Last night at 1:30 it started to pour. It didn’t stop till 8:AM Sat. Morning. My rain gauge at home, about a mile from Painesville Twp. Park, measured 11.48″ of rain. Many people on the Fairport side spent the morning securing boats and docks to trees and other immovable objects. One dock was damaged a few others needed special attention to prevent them from coming off the wall. The water level, normally about 36″ below the wall cap. surged in and out though out the morning and early afternoon. It went between about 22″ & 30″. Sometimes quite quickly. GRYC docks went under water at least once but they all appeared to hold. It looks like P. Fluhr’s boat was damaged from the FHYC side. As far as I know, no FHYC boats were damaged.


    • Thanks for the update! Sorry that Pete’s boat got damaged, but looks like the redesigned docks GRYC put in worked. Glad there wasn’t a lot of damage to FHYC side.


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