Hiking Kent Fall Park and Little Falls

We woke at 630am and after showers, Chet fixed sausage patties and toast for breakfast. Today’s agenda was to drive to Kent Falls Park and hike the trail to see the falls. Chet and Carol use to come here often with their kids. This is a little part of a display that includes information about Kent Falls.


It is a beautiful place but the climb up the steps and trail can be steep so it was nice that there are many observation platforms along the way to see the many different levels of the falls .

Phil and Lorraine

Chet and Carol


Kent Falls



Roots from a tree on the trail.


Once we made it to the top, we decided to go down on the North Ridge Trail while had less of a steep grade down.

20130807-162256.jpg. We were also able to see many of the rock fences that are commonly seen here as a way to use the rocks removed from the ground.

Lorraine, Phil, Carol, and Chet



Then we traveled to Little Falls, CT to see the falls by the town. Unfortunately from the direction we traveled from, the one lane bridge was closed, but after a few miles detour, we were able to get to the falls and walk the trails to see them from different vantage points.


Lorraine taking pictures.



Later in the afternoon, we drove home to have sandwiches for lunch. Then Chet showed Phil his “Command Central” which is his Ham radio equipment in the basement and Carol showed me her knitting projects and yarn. This is Lorraine on their horsehair sofa.

20130807-163325.jpg. Carol is quite the artist and has several of her beautiful paintings in her home.

We had a nice evening relaxing and talking.

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