Visit at Forked River, NJ. Sunrise Beach development

We had a wonderful visit with our friends Jim and Linda for 4 1/2 days which started when we raised anchor at 423pm to go through Oyster Channel at high tide through Barnegat Bay to tie up at 555pm at their dock. Here are some photos that Clive, and neighbor and sailor, took as we came in to the lagoons.


20130905-205936.jpggoing around the corner to their lagoon.

We had delicious burgers and fresh corn on the cob for dinner and had a chance to start catching up, but it wasn’t for long before we called it a night, exhausted from our recent night passage. I went to sleep at 930pm and Phil joined me 30 min later.

Friday, August 30. Day 52

We woke and Linda treated us to scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. We chatted and then split up the guys going to the Square Deal hardware store and us ladies went to Walmart. I was able to find another red funnel like our friend Rob had gotten for us. Unbeknownst by me, Phil also got the red funnel. Like minds thinks alike? Along the way we found a liquor store. Do they have Nassau Royale Liquor? YES. So we had to stop and get some. I haven’t been able to geth this since Phil bought the last two bottles from Fairport Harbor Liquor store. We stopped also to get Phil some Jamesons. Dinner was a delicious grilled lime shrimp, corn on the cob and cauliflower. We finished the evening watching the movie “Arbitage” on Netflix.

Saturday, August 31. Day 53

We putz around the house, then Linda and I went for a walk to take pictures of our boats tied up to their dock across the lagoon. At the end we spoke with their neighbor Ken, who had crab traps in the water catching them for family that was coming. Every summer he has the family over the a seafood picnic. We could even see them swimming in the water. Finally a place to catch crabs. But here is our house, I mean boat, tied up behind their boat Winsome and C&C 36.

This is a look down their lagoon where I went crabbing befor we went to the boardwalk.


Our big treat for the day was to go to Sunrise Heights Boardwalk and also the neighborhood that is still working on recovering from Hurricane Sandy. We had a great time walking on the brand new boardwalk.

We had dinner at 3 Brothers Pizza.


Phil and I had a slice of Pizza while Linda waited for her Chicken Parmesan roll.


There are many arcades that have mostly games involving quarters and trying to use the crane to get a prize. Of course there are many stores to get summer clothing now on sale, airbrush tattoos, or piercings along with the many food and ice cream stands. The casino pier is where the roller coaster was in the water.

Here are some photos of the boardwalk.




Making fried Oreos, which we didn’t try but looked good.



On our way back to the car, I bought a sundress on sale.

Sunday, September 1. Day 54

Sunday we stay around the home except for when Phil and I borrowed the car and went grocery shopping. I spent time posting on the blog, and then Jim and I spent a fair amount of times doing computer stuff. He had some files for me to transfer and put on my external hard drive.
The best part of the day was visiting with Bob and Linda Foster who cruised in the Caribbean for 13 winters! They were a wealth of information and we’re thankful they came for dinner. I know that’s hard for them to give up cruising and I wish them the best of luck finding something that can take it’s place. Thanks to Linda who thought to invite them and prepared a delicious meal.

Monday, September 2. Day 55. Labor Day

Hope everyone at home is enjoying an extra day off from work and hope that it wasn’t too crazy of a week for my team at HWR.

Today was a rainy day most of the day, so when it cleared up enough for a walk, we walked to another neighbors house a couple streets over. We met Dave and Sandy and their lovable dog. Sandy has learned to play the violin since she has retired and is getting very good I hear. They had lots of questions that we answered and then we walked home to some sunshine and very warm and humid weather. We had gotten spoiled being inside A/C in their home. We finished up our computer project and then we spent our last night together. We will be leaving Tuesday morning at high tide and then sail down to Atlantic City with the hope to get to Cape May on Wednesday. We have had a very nice visit, but now the weather window dictates that we leave.

4 thoughts on “Visit at Forked River, NJ. Sunrise Beach development

    • Yes it does. The beach rentals are not doing well as we hear that a lot of people didn’t book the beach houses as they thought they weren’t in business. There are still a lot of homes damaged and not repaired especially in the section where the waves went over the entire barrier island; worse in the areas pre Hurricane Sandy where the residents didn’t want high sand dunes as didn’t want their view of ocean obstructed. ALL areas we saw have high sand dunes in place now.


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