Extra Day in Annapolis

Wednesday. September 18, Day 71

The sky was blue and the weather warm and our friends from GRYC are to arrive today. It didn’t take long before I heard the clang of bells from the bridge over Spa Creek announcing that it had just opened and I saw Passage coming into the mooring field to pick up a mooring ball right next to us.



It wasn’t very long that we were welcomed aboard by Jack and Sue for hugs and warm welcomes.

Jack and Sue

Phil and Lorraine on Passage

20130925-074001.jpgWe got up to date on the latest in Ohio. Then the Harbormaster came and we learned they would have to move as this area was to be where the power boats for the show were to be. There were two mooring balls available further up Spa Creek for the month rental they needed, so we had to move NOW before they were taken. Phil went back to Changes so they wouldn’t have to tow our dinghy.


It wasn’t too long that we were tied up to the new mooring ball and Phil returned to Passage in the dinghy. It’s works to have a flat bottom dinghy with a sharp bow when cruising. I don’t think you could stand like he does in an inflatable.


We went out to lunch at Dock Street Grill for some good food.


We split up to do some sightseeing and burn off some calories. Annapolis is a very old town and well taken care of. Here are a few homes we saw.



At the end if ones of the streets, we came to the anchorage and saw Passage





We met up for ice cream and then headed back to our boats. It was great to see Ohio friends. They plan to stay for a month and after the Annapolis Boat Show, continue south. Maybe we’ll catch up with each other in Florida.

Tomorrow we are leaving to go to St. Michaels on the eastern side of Chesapeake Bay. They have a very good Maritime Museum we have been told.

4 thoughts on “Extra Day in Annapolis

  1. hi Sue & Jack. Glad you all got hooked up.. Update: Indians made Wild Card playoffs. 1 game winner take all tonight. The Jake is sold out. Go Tribe !


  2. I will just miss you guys. I am bringing a Lagoon 39 there for the Show. Be there Sunday. If you are looking for a fantastic local place in Annapolis go to the Davis Pub in Eastport. A 5 minute walk from the bridge.


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