Quick Update

It’s Friday and we’ve spent the last few days here on our friends dock in Oriental Harbor Marina in Oriental, NC. We plan to stay here for a few days and are keeping an eye on the forecast for Tropical Storm Karen and a cold front to come through and will move to a safe place if needed. We have been busy visiting friends but also I have been getting projects done. The first is a Sunbrella cover for a friend.


We biked to a canvas and sail shop a couple days ago to get Pfiffertex Plus to make a sun shade to go off the stern of the boat and for my next big project of recovering the Bottomsiders cushions we keep in the cockpit. They are a little worse for wear and we want something that matches our new canvas colors of Toast Sunbrella which is a tan color. We went into New Bern by car yesterday and picked up some foam to add on top of the Bottomsiders and a little bit more Sunbrella to make more Honda Generator covers to sell. Then I made brownies (still need to get things cooking better in the oven) and green beans for the potluck at Don & D’s house.

Today I will spend making the cushion covers and get the boat ready for visitors as our friends here want to see the changes we have made since they last saw the boat. We don’t have any friends or family visiting but contact us if you’re interested. I have sewing stuff all over the place! So will be glad when the projects are done. I’m very thankful that I have electricity and tables to work on but we need to get finished so that we can go further south though it’s like summer here in the lower to upper 80’s. We want to visit friends in Morehead City soon, and then in Brunswick, GA before they leave at the end of the month for their cruising destination. In that end, we will sign up for Chris Parker’s weather forecasts and will be a Sponsor as he calls it, then we want to make an outside passage from Beaufort, NC to Charleston, SC, which is about a 200 nm 2 day trip which will save us a lot of time not being in the ICW. Of course if the weather is bad, we will go down the ICW. We have decided to make more outside passages as we are ahead of the other southbound boats and still haven’t been able to meet buddy boats like I had hoped we would.

Sorry that I’ve been slow on the postings, but life has gotten in the way. Once the social life and projects slow down, I’ll try to catch up. Hope everyone is well and thanks for you comments!! I love them. Lorraine

7 thoughts on “Quick Update

    • Sure! We think we’ll be here 1-2 more days then go to Moreheqd City, NC. The big wind they predicted finally arrived. 20+kts from the south. Safe but bouncy. How are you doing?


    • Will do. We will see them tonight at a potluck. We still have to decide if we’re leaving tomorrow or Wednesday for Beaufort, NC. Take care!

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  1. Lorraine & Phil: John Woodward here. Much enjoy your postings which I often receive from Al Pugel. (I hope you don’t mind) Will you push further south during these winter months – and what area do you plan to make more less permanent?


    • Hi John. Don’t mind at all, in fact check your email and accept my invitation to have the blog posts come to your email. We will be going further south to be in the Bahamas for the winter and then going further south from there. Don’t have an answer for your last question yet. Is good to hear from you!


  2. Lorraine
    Great job posting
    I know it’s a bit tricky
    Don’t know if you and Phil tried the Sanitary Restaurant last time inure head City but it’s great

    Cheers lisa


    • Thanks for the support. No we haven’t been there to the Sanitary Restaurant and I’m sure you meant Morehead City. Darn autocorrect! :). Will keep that in mind and google it. Last time I think we just drove through there. Do you know of a cheap or free place to dock up there for a night? Don’t want to leave the boat overnight when we’re not on it but also want to stay overnight with a friend.


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