Elizabeth City, NC.

Friday, September 27, day 80

Paul, who lives on his boat here took us to Robert Sawyers automotive shop to get the alternator belt bracket welded. They were great! Immediately went to work on it and <10min it was welded and fixed for $10! Wow what service! We drove home (our boat IS home) and Phil put the bracket on and the alternator is fixed. We have been using it since and no problems.
As we returned to the boat we watched several Model T Ford cars come into the Park in front of the docks in Elizabeth City. Unfortunately by the time we were ready to go see the cars, they had started up their engines and started to leave. I hope that we see them again later.

For lunch Paul joined and took us to Quality Seafood Market. They do sell fish there in one room, but walk to the next room and they have a restaurant to order fish cooked very reasonable. Phil and I had the lunch sampler for $7 ea which included 2 fried oysters, 2 fried shrimp, 4 fried scallops, a fried fish filet, hush puppies, coleslaw and fries. There were lots of retires were there so you know that it’s good but too much food for me to eat. We started walking back, and wouldn’t you know, the Model T Fords start pulling into the Museum of Abemarle. Lucky that I carry my camera with me, so I grabbed some shots.


This is a good museum telling about the area from when the Indians lived here until present times. The cost was free and even though we paid for the Gone With the Wind exhibit, it was worth it.


20131007-135109.jpgThey have a Shad Boat hanging from the ceiling.




And a exhibit about the movie Gone With the Wind staring Vivian Lee and Clark Gable. I found the costumes interesting in how tiny the ladies were. Leslie Howard was a tiny man based on the costumes on display and Clark Gable was about the same size as John Wayne based on the information about one of the suits Clark wore in the movie was also worn oin a different movie by John Wayne!
I would never would have guessed this before seeing it here.





In the afternoon, the Model T Fords came back to the wharf and this time we were able to look and talk to some of the people. one woman, Gretchen has a 1923 Model T that was made for doctors, it was the Doctors Coupe Model because there was glass in the windows enclosing the seats so that the doctor could go out in all weather and stay dry. Gretchen also quilts and knits so it was interesting to hear about these interests besides the car, which she was very knowledgable about.

here Gretchen is showing Phil something about the engine. Here she was telling Phil how the breaks are IN the transmission, only for back wheels and these cars only like to go 45mph max. They are harder to stop at higher speeds.

This red Ford is a race car.


After supper, we were invited over to Paul’s boat. 37′ Gulfstar for drinks. We had a great time meeting his fiancé Jane, touring his boat and sharing stories. Paul had been in the Coast Guard and worked in Cleveland living on the west side (one of them, haha) and then in Lyndhurst. We wish them all the best and THANKS Paul for all your schlepping you did for us.

We are planning on going to the Farmers Market and meet Jane and then leave the next day. We are still trying to decide if we can go to Roanoke Island and Ocracoke or gothrough the alligator and Pungo River to get to oriental to see our friends Don and D.

11 thoughts on “Elizabeth City, NC.

  1. Lorraine & Phil: Those early Fords – meticulously restored – prompt me to recall my high school days, a time before school busing, so at 14 years of age, all students that is, almost all, drove to school in used Ford Model T’s or Model A’s. The T’s could be had for $25. – the A’s for $45. The day I turned 14, I bought a ’25 Chevy 4 door sedan with 35,000 miles on the odometer from an elderly couple past driving age which had been on storage blocks for a year. I drove it until I left for college in 1942. It had a 4 cyl. overhead valve engine using very little 16 cent/gallon gasoline. The only Model T that was then a collector’s item was the pick-up. (also shown in lorraine’s photo) The red Model T two-seat racer is a jewel and probably would sell now for a half-million; I can now see where the ’36 Stutz Bearcat got its lines. Lorraine, your photos are great. I will close by comments about Vivian Leigh (British) and Clark Gable. The Press of the day related they intensely disliked one another from the 1st day meeting. Vivian was a haughty, ill-tempered lady. “Gone With the Wind” was a huge, instant success both as a book and as a movie. Gable had a long movie career but I never heard about Leigh after that movie.

    I presume Paul has a 37 foot Gulfstar sailboat rather than powerboat. Both are very high-end products. The interior must be beautiful – with exotic woods throughout.



  2. I’m really enjoying this trip. Thanks for the great pictures. It’s like being there. Glad you’re both doing well. I’m starting to feel better. The water therapy is great. G.



    • Great! We’re glad you are feeling better. I just bought an ebook for doing water aerobics using a noodle for support. Haven’t tried it yet but sounds good for when the water is warmer.


  3. That’s an interesting Shad Boat. A center board trunk is quite evident from the top side view but there is no slot in the bottom of the boat for a center board to protrude through. The model must have been made by a non-sailor.


  4. I am glad the alternator was fixed efficiently and cheaply. I love seeing pictures of what you are experiencing! Grad school is going well so far. This week will be a busy week due to extra science happenings. Love and miss you, Robin


  5. Loved seeing your pics of Vivien Leigh’s GWTW dress and the old cars! Glad to hear that you got your alternator belt bracket fixed so quickly and well!


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