Weather Dictates Stay in Oriental

Tuesday, October 8. Day 90

Wow!  It’s hard to believe we have been gone 90 days.  What a change from yesterday.  The winds have continued to build and have clocked to come from the North which means it’s ALOT colder in the mid 60’s.  It’s raining hard which started sometime in the middle of the night.  I put on the side windows in the morningbut still have to work on water dripping in at the end of the track along the back of the Hard Dodger.  I think and think how can we hang the funnels?  I have an idea!  Let use 1/8″ line through the hole in the funnel to tie it to the Dodger tubing.  I have to get out the line in the sail locker which means getting half the items out so I can reach the blue tub we keep sewing/canvas items in so I can get to the line for the Honda Generator Covers to be made.  Isn’t that the way of it on a boat? That done, Phil is happy to rig up the funnels, attach the clear tubing and IT WORKS!  

The water is going outside the cockpit. After awhile the cushions dried out and have stayed dry except where we have water leaking where the screws are at the front edge of the Bimini.
This is the Port side.

20131009-155710.jpgThis is Starboard side.

20131009-155728.jpgA close up how Phil tied the funnels on. It’s working our great and no holes to drill.

Water going thru the tubing.
See the dry cushions?


It’s such a gray dreary day that we feel blaugh and not feeling like doing much, but I worked on my last post getting lots done but not enough to complete the post. Since we’ve had the iPad operating system updated to IOS7 the software has been really buggy so it takes longer than it usually does and I can’t always get the photos to upload. One good thing is that I can put the captions on the photos when I’ve been using the Safari version as you can tell even though you can’t tell on this post. I get an error message today when I try.

The day dragged on until about 4pm when Brian and Stephanie came over to help us eat Taco Soup and corn bread for dinner. I’m happy to say that we had about half a serving left over which works for us. Then we played the Canadian Upside Down Fruit Basket card game which Patty and Gary on SV Last Tango taught us on our last trip. Stephanie won pulling into the lead to going from last to first place overtaking Lorraine when she went from about 20 pts to the most points as can happen with the last round.

It’s to be raining again with high winds tomorrow so we will be spending another day here in Oriental. We are lucky to be in a safe place with electricity and to be able to take warm showers and washer and driers a short walk away.

2 thoughts on “Weather Dictates Stay in Oriental

  1. Hi Lorraine ,
    Can’t believe you are at day 90. Really am enjoying reading about your adventures.
    I bet you can’t wait to get moving again toward the warmer weather.
    We have had Ideal weather here for the last few weeks. Something we did not have a lot of this summer.
    Say hi to Phil !


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