Quick update -on the move tonight

Tuesday, October 29

We are in Turner’s Creek with preparations made (dinghy on deck) to go out Wassaw Sound then south along the Georgia coast to go in St. Simons Inlet with enough light to see ending up in Brunswick Harbor tomorrow with Bentana going along with us. We have consulted Chris Parker and expect the wind to be NNE to NE 12-15kts with gusts to 18 kts and dying down to NE 10 kts through the night which is good for sailing. We will leave at 430pm to have light when we turn the corner to set the sails for the current wind conditions. Look for updates from our SPOT GPS messenger to track our progress.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to see SV Lipari who is leaving this afternoon to make the long offshore passage to the BVI’s. We wish them luck and safe passage. Judy and I have joined a Women Who Sail (WWS) group on Facebook and are looking forward to meeting Beverly in Brunswick. We really enjoy this group connecting with others on the same path as us. Take care and stay warm. Not to rub it in, but the high will be 79 degrees and it’s sunny. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Quick update -on the move tonight

  1. Lorraine/Phil, Glad you’re finally in a warm place. It’s sunny here and most of the leaves are still on the trees. We had our first snow already two weeks ago. I had 2″ but Margies in Chardon had 12″. It’s all melted now. Our temp. is 50’s and 60’s. I’m enjoying your news and watching your location. Stay safe. Ginny


    • Boy that is an early snow. No wonder people were without power. We are anchored now, recovering taking naps along with our friends on Bentana. I found we have cruising friends whom we met last trip that live here. Looking forward to calling them. More later. Lorraine


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