Yes We are Still Alive in St Martin

Monday, February 16 St. Martin West Indies Hi everyone. Sorry that I haven’t posted lately. It’s NOT because I’m feeling bad or because I’m not enjoying the trip. Actually it’s been a better trip as we have been buddy boating with Walkabout and Vision Quest who just left early this morning for the BVI’s to […]

Passage to Clifton harbor, Union Island, Grenadines

Monday, December 15 Union Island, Grenadines Miles traveled: 11.2 nm We started the day listening to Chris Parker’s weather. We decided that we don’t have to rush going North over the next few days. First order of business is to check out of Grenada in Tyrrel Bay. We met with Vision Quest at the dinghy […]

It’s better in St. Marys

Monday, November 4 We started the day bouncing around in the Cumberland Island Anchorage after spending a trying night at anchor. The wind and current were opposing each other and Changes couldn’t figure out where to be, so she was just everywhere! I woke up about every 2 hours. You know how it is; one […]