It’s a GO

Monday, January 27

Well we talked to Chris Parker and we can still go to BVI’s going off shore. First waypoint is 26N 72W. We left at 733am. We have an OK message going to Chris Parker so he can give us weather based on our position. Don’t be worried if it takes us a while to get there. We have to go NE to get our easting before we can turn south. No storms on the horizon. Knock on wood. Winds are 10kts from SSE.

Feeling excited and a little nervous.


15 thoughts on “It’s a GO

  1. Prayers for safe journey. What is your exact route plan? – Making stops where and when expected to make landfalls? If we missed this, please forgive our noodle heads. Been extremely busy but following your progress as can. C & C


  2. Kathy and I will be praying for both of you. Got your phone call but do not have your number to return the favor. A bit envious. Our very best cruising was in the Virgins. Spent many happy days off saint Johns with Kathy and friends.


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