In Trinidad, Preparing for Visit Home

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Peake Yacht Services,
Chaguaramas, Trinidad

I know it’s been a long time for me posting. I’m sorry, but I just haven’t felt like it. This trip has been so different than the first time and not as enjoyable for me. Most of my updates have been going to my FB page under my name.

So currently, Phil and I had Changes pulled 2 days ago and we have been working on cleaning and preparing to fly home to Cleveland for few months. Monday I made a duffle bag, a BIG bag as there seems to be a lot of things to bring home that we either need to use or that we want off the boat.


20140612-100127-36087122.jpgI repurposed the red canvas that Sherri F had given me a few years ago and it worked out great!

View of harbour from Zanibar Restaurant

Last night and this morning it poured and then continued to rain after we woke giving us a reprieve not only from the heat but from the work. We went upstairs from the hotel room we are staying in at Peakes while on the hard since we didn’t bring the umbrella or foul weather gear off the boat and didn’t feel like getting wet. The breakfast was good and it’s reasonable priced too. 2 eggs and 2 slices of toast for $12.00TT or $2 USD.

We are so glad to have this hotel room!!! Working in the heat has been difficult as there is not as much wind where we are nestled between the building with the bathrooms and a bigger boat. There is nothing like knowing the day will end with a nice shower and air conditioning! Phil has been able to watch his favorite show on the Speed channel, Pass Time. It has also given us the opportunity to put things in the V-Berth for storage as we work.

So just what are our plans. We arrive home on June 17 taking the red eye on United Airlines. We will be living with Phil’s sister. THANK YOU Virginia. I will be going back to work end of June with the same hospice company I have been working for. Phil will be coming back Oct 21 to prepare Changes to go back in the water and I’ll return November 12. We hope to get to Grenada before the Christmas Winds build but well see.

16 thoughts on “In Trinidad, Preparing for Visit Home

  1. Lorraine & Philip: You must be Ohio-home by now and I am sure it feels “good” even though you are dedicated “world roamers”. Changes appears to be none the worse for wear from your travels and I trust you’ve regained your “land-legs”. I read with great relish your posts.

    Mentally “seeing” you both, John Woodward


  2. HI Lorraine, You do sound very tired. I wondered, as you kept going, going. Once you get home and settled perhaps you & I can talk and you can give me some insight! I’m about as tired, constantly working on the boat daily. I miss not being in the water for the 3rd year in a row. I’m trying to keep my eye on the goal, and hoping the final outcome will be more relaxing than this last year of refitting.


    • Will give you a call after we get settled. Is there a good time of the day to call? Our same phone numbers on our boat car will be working again starting tomorrow.


  3. i detect in your voice that you are whipped/tired /etc.personally i would find that being on boat as long as you have been is trying at best!go home take a break relax!currently i am home in newfoundland enjoying the cold icebergs sailing by here(see att)regards— harold smith, ghost III

    Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2014 16:23:29 +0000 To:


  4. You had a very interesting journey and I can only imagine the future shock in returning to a different type of reality. Thanks for all the updates filled with wonderful pictures and descriptions of many places of unique character that I have never heard of! I wish you and Phil all the best and I hope all goes smoothly! Is there a third trip in the making????


    • Thanks a lot Herb. There will be another trip in the fall when we bring the boat back to the states. Not sure where the boat will be yet. We hope it will be more interesting taking our time seeing what we flew by getting here. Also we’ll be reaching and going downwind on the way home, which is much more pleasant than going upwind to get here, or so they say. I also hope that we’ll be with friends more.


  5. Thanks for the update Lorraine and Phil, looks like ” Changes” has endured this leg of her journey well!! ( she looks good in the pics) We wish you both success on land and hoping we will meet again on that blue highway somewheres. 😉 Just arrived in Rodney Bay, St Lucia, here with Balvenie who we have been travelling with lately.Little Wings should be in Bequai, we left them in Dominica after doing many tours with them. Your friends J & J

    Sent from Truant III


    • We would love to see you on Lake Erie. It will be REALLY different not having a boat this summer. Send us an email if you decide to come visit Grand River Yacht Club or anyplace else in Ohio.


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