Main event -Grenada War Memorial and Games

Wednesday, December 10
Prickly Bay, Grenada

We started the day as every other then had cereal for breakfast. I worked on the blog, then we decided to rent a cab to go to the Grenada War Memorial and run a few other errands. We went to Prickly Bay Marina instead of risking not having a taxi at Timbers. The taxi driver was sleeping, but woke easily. At first he wanted to charge $100EC but we bargained him down to $80EC, which I still think was too much as a shopping trip bus is $10EC ea round trip but wouldn’t get us close to the airport where the memorial is.


First stop was the bank. I was exchanging cash so had to go inside, but this time the line was short and there were twice as many tellers, so it didn’t take long.


Then we went just a short way down the street to Ace Hardware for plastic for around the base of the mast to keep the water out.


Then we went to the Memorial at the side of the road just before the Airport. I was hoping that the names of the soldiers who died would be listed but it wasn’t so. It is beautiful though. Peggy and her niece Kathy were talking to the tour guide at Fort George how she felt about the USA/Carribean forces invading Grenada, and they are still thankful that they aren’t a communist country.





We returned and had PB&J sandwiches. I had my daily nap and then in the afternoon came in to play dominoes. There was only 2 tables instead of the normal 3 so we didn’t switch tables today. Rick on Vision Quest was the winner of both tables. Back to the boat, I fixed hamburgers, warmed up the couscous and black beans & rice, and cooked green beans. We watched a boat come in probably fromTrinidad as we ate in the cockpit.

While Phil cleaned dishes, I knitted a few rows of my sock. One more row and I’ll be turning the heel.

We haven’t been able to log into the HotHotHotSpot Wifi, so we came in early for Bingo to hopefully use the free wifi at the Tiki Bar to figure it out. Phil hasn’t figured it out yet which is why I’m writing this early. Tomorrow morning we’ll be in an all day tour of Grenada, so don’t expect to have time to post in the morning.

Bingo is played a little differently here. When you have a line, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal, you call out “line” and then which ever it was ie horizontal, you can’t call that one next time. Then once all three lines have been call, the next one to work on is “X”. Then the full house is called “Bingo”. If there are two or more people who have a line at the same time, there is a dance off between the winners. The best dancer gets the prize or it is split between the two. In between the rounds, they play music very loud. They play three rounds. You pay $25EC per set of two cards. Periodically, they draw raffle tickets for prizes. The winner has to run up to the stage as the DJ counts down 5,4,3,2,1 with the idea of getting to the stage before he reaches 1. One man won a pair of ladies shoes and a bra. Another won a baby bottle and pregnancy kit. You get the idea. The Bingos have the biggest prize from $200EC the first round, $500EC the second and $1000EC the last round, which happened to be split 6 ways. We had a good time but didn’t win anything. Look for the next post in a couple days.

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