Food shopping

Friday, December 12
Prickly Bay, Grenada

Yesterday we woke in the later side and didn’t listen to Chris Parker. That’s ok as we get his emails later in the day. We had breakfast and listened to the Cruisers Net. This morning we were going shopping this time using Paul where he picks up at Budget Marine/Timbers parking lot at 930am. I was tired but we are getting ready to leave Sunday for going on our next jog north and was running low in a few things. I asked if we could go to the MNIB veggie market first and since everyone agreed, that’s where we went. They have such good produce and fruit there at good prices, that it’s better to get what you want there and then fill in with what’s at IGA instead of the other way around. We bought more Callaloo, spinach, chive&thyme, honey, and Millet’s Home blend Seasoning another cruiser told me was her favorite. Next stop was Spice Island Mall and grocery store. We had about an hour there. We got more items including meat, long life milk, fresh bread, which doesn’t last long here in the heat and spices. Then we walked through the mall and I bought a pair of flip flops with arch support and lot of cushion which I hope will last a long time given the cost. The ones I brought down are not holding up to the task here. We met the other cruisers and taxi driver in the Food Court, where I had just enough time to buy a chocolate banana smoothie for $10EC that I shared with Phil as we rode to the next stop at CK’s. We didn’t need anything there so stayed in the taxi van. One of the woman needed some canned cat food for of a specific variety that only that would her cat eat, so we also went to Food Fair. Unfortunately they didn’t have the right brand, but I think she bought several cans anyway. That being done we came back to the dinghy dock.

Once home I put the food away and laid down for a nap, still being tired. After a little doze, Chris and Fran from SV Changes came over to take a look at the insulation pad I made that hangs over the side of our boat. He wanted to see how I made it to make one himself as their boat has a navy blue hull and their refrigeration is in the starboard side. After living on a boat, I think it’s a definite advantage if your galley is on the port side so the sun isn’t beating on the hull making the refrigeration system work harder all day. Phil fixed a sandwich for each of us.

I got out my journaling book that I brought down with me, I wrote a little in it and cried of course. Some of the questions don’t seem appropriate for me but I’ll keep plugging away at it. Then I started working on knitting the pink sock. I have turned the heel and then started working on knitting the foot. So far it fits pretty good. I still didn’t really feel like doing much more than that yesterday. I asked Phil if he would write the post for the blog about our tour of Grenada. I really want to keep up with it and if we don’t do even one day, it will snowball. He did and after I was proofreading it I felt like adding a little bit more as you saw on the post.

For supper I cooked a chicken leg quarter with rice and fresh cauliflower and green beans that we had bought recently. It tasted pretty good and the only thing left over was enough rice for one serving. We just relaxed pretty much did nothing but reading until we went to bed last night. The Internet lately from the boat has been really slow, so wasn’t able to download an audiobook. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I’ll feel better.

7 thoughts on “Food shopping

  1. Sorry you’re feeling tired and sad. You will get to the other side of this. Katie was with me while I walked around the golf course in Tucson at the conference. Grandma too. Butterflies.

    You dinner sounded really delicious and I hope your new flip flops provide what you need.

    Love you,



  2. Lorraine, I did not understand your post re: refrigeration on Port side, since it depends on which way you are facing north or south, especially when anchoring. Am I missing something?! We are adding refrigeration this year and I’m considering everything!


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