Passage to Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

Sunday, December 14
Miles: 43.0 km per GPS

We woke to our alarm at 530am while it was still dark. There is no weather forecast on Sunday’s from Chris Parker. We made preparations to leave and released the mooring at 617am about 5-10 min before Vision Quest, which was ok as being a bigger boat, we were sure they’d catch up to us. Then we raised the Main Sail and turned on the SPOT tracker. Once again, our boat speedo is,not working so all our winds are Apparent winds which is the true wind speed plus the boat speed. We usually go by the True wind speed. We started out with the boat speed of 7 1/2 kts with the apparent wind speed at 20 kt but that slowed down to a little over 6 kts with the apparent wind at 25° to the boat when we rolled up the head sail. I don’t know why but sailing always makes me tired and I typically take a nap so I went down after 9am. By about 930am the wind was 12 to 14 kn at 36° wind angle, so Phil rolled out the head sail and reefed it and then the engine was turned off and we were sailing. We averaged 6 1/2 to 7 kt of boats speed with 13 to 17 kt of wind and were able to sail until 1202pm when we had to turn on the engine about 2 miles from the anchorage. We didn’t have a problem finding a place to anchor and by 1240pm the anchor was set.

We had lunch of sandwiches and diet cokes, then put the dinghy in the water by 145pm and went into town with Vision Quest to check into customs with Peggy and Rick.

Customs was closed so we walk next-door to the Slipway Restaurant for a beers for the guys and the local drink, Ting (grapefruit soda) for us ladies. This restaurant is unique because of the ship saw, surface planer and other ship building equipment in the restaurant.





By 345 we were back to the boat when local boat boys came up and asked us if we wanted to buy some lobster. So we splurged and said yes and it was 20 EC per pound in the boat boy said the lobsters 4 pounds each. When the boat boys came back with the lobsters instead of being four pounds it looked to me that it was barely 2 pound but we pay them the $80EC and then I started cooking it. I cooked the Callaloo and made fried rice.




The lobster was good and we couldn’t eat it all. We relaxed and made use of the Internet downloading eBooks and audiobooks. I also took advantage of a sale from Interweave Knits; their digital magazines were on sale for $1.99 each so I purchased several. Tomorrow we plan to sail to Clifton Harbor, Union Island then go to Tobago Cays.

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