Surprise!! Friends from Home

Saturday, February 20 I woke early a little after 6am and read until time to listen to Chris Parker Weather. The wind is to increase later today and tomorrow and start decreasing on Monday with a North Swell for the next 24 hours developing. We are protected from the north swell (we hope) and have a short fetch anchored next to Prickly Pear Island. We had problems with the needle on the tachometer not reading correctly on the passage, so first thing after French Toast breakfast and scrambled eggs, Phil removed the steps to check out the alternator. Lucky for us the ground wire on the alternator had broken and was an easy fix. It started off cloudy with some rain this morning, so Phil ran the engine a half hour for a little top up and to make sure everything was working. Next boat project was looking at the green running light, which we found out was not working on our overnight crossing. It’s corroded so he needs to get some sandpaper and take off the corrosion, but first we need to find the light bulb. He thought he had brought it back with him and now can’t find it. Hopefully there is someplace here to buy another light bulb or the original shows up. Our steaming light half way up the mast is also not working as well as the mast light (which hasn’t worked for a couple months) so will be more boat fix projects in paradise. As we were getting ready to come in for lunch at Bitter End Yacht Club, there was a sailboat that was sailing directly over to our area. I thought they were going to anchor here, but then someone called “Phil” and who should it be but Tom and Nyla Snodgrass with another couple on a chartered sailboat!! How wonderful to see friends from home. They are picking up a mooring ball and we yelled where we would be for lunch. It’s so wonderful to see them and what a great surprise. We had lunch with Bob and Jeanne at the Bitter End Yacht club out in the shade with a nice view of the anchorage. There were people sailing on hobi cats and small monohulls and guys Kite boarding. After we had gotten our food, Tom and Nyla and Dave and Deanna Hoppes (the other couple also old sailing friends) came up. They had started their charter on Thursday so we’ll be able to hang out together a day or so. They were renting a car tomorrow to drive down to see the Baths, and invited us to join them which we would love to do. They are staying in Virgin Gorda to hide out from the winds too. We found the internet, so have been using the Internet until it’s time to go over for Happy Hour on their boat, mooring ball #35. Bob and Jeanne were also invited. Once back at Changes, I threw together the Cuppa Cuppa recipe I got from a cruising friend and put it in the oven to warm up while we got ready to go. It’s upwind to their mooring ball so the new shower curtain came in handy, though we find that it’s to light weight, so I don’t think it will last long. We were the first to arrive but it wasn’t too much later that Bob and Jeanne arrived. Everyone was patient posing for our group picture before the sun set.



IMG_4911 We had a great time talking about cruising stories Dave and Deanna had when they spent 5 years in the Caribbean several years ago. We stayed later chatting after Bob and Jeanne went home just after sunset. We were glad it was downwind to,Changes and with our unique anchor light we didn’t have problem finding here even though it was very dark. No bright lights in the anchorage and there was a new moon. How great to meet up with our friends. We couldn’t have planned it better if we had tried. Now I’m very glad that we left early when we did instead of staying the weekend in St. Martin. I also got an email from Cheryl on Dover Mist who is in the BVI’s, so hope we can meet up with them sometime this week. After we returned from seeing our friends, Phil turned on to check the running lights and now the red isn’t working. Another fix for tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Surprise!! Friends from Home

  1. Hi you two, You both look great – happy, healthy, suntanned and enjoying yourselves. Good for you, but of course I am jealous! I do have the perfect view of the lake…I go to the beach 5 days a week…but of course it is frozen and 8 degrees outside right now. Ugh! I am loving the blog and all the pictures. You’ve seen some amazing sites! Lorraine send me your email address to work when you get a chance. Take care and happy sailing! Sally Marvin


    • So funny Sally. Great to hear from you. Sending me email today. Sounds like it’s been a tough winter again. Sorry for you all but glad to be where it’s warm. Tell everyone I said hi. Now we are at Peters Island, BVI.


  2. Tell everyone Hello! Its about 17 degrees here and the snow is 4 feet deep on the north side of the house. The skiing is awesome!! Louise


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