Fixing up Changes in Lauderdale Marine Center

Changes has now been in salt water for almost two years and traveled 6650 nautical miles.  She has been used every day for two years except for 5 months when we were back in Ohio.  The result is that things have worn out, broken or were lost. So now that we are docked at Lauderdale Marine Center (LMC) for over a week, it is time to fix as many problems as we can.
 When at Great Inagua Island the anchor windlass stopped working.  At first it was just slow but shortly it quit.  When we got to LMC I ordered a new Lewmar 500 Pro Fish.  This unit had the same mounting holes as the old Simpson Lawrence Windlass.  On May 12 before we left for Missouri the winch arrived.  The mornin after our return, I started to install the new Lewmar anchor windlass.  First I cleaned up the deck around where it mounts getting off all the old bedding.  That done I drilled a new hole for the wires.  I then mounted the new windlass to the deck.  Next in the V-berth, I connected the wires.  Next pushed the buttons to test the windlass.  It worked up and down ok.  I then replaced the breaker.  The old breaker is 60 amp the new one is 50 amp.  That done the windlass project was completed.


We have been having an ongoing problem with the alternator. The bracket that is bolted to the engine that holds the oversized alternator has broken 3 times. The wires connected to the alternator are also breaking. The two ground wires broke at the ring terminal. New ring terminals were installed. The connector for the field and tach had the field wire broken off in the connector pin. This connector has been replaced before. While at LMC I ordered 3 new connectors over the internet. When they arrived on May 19 I cut off the old connector that I had jury rigged then used butt splices to connect the new field tach connector. I now have two spare connectors. Next the terminal that is the 12 volt output also was broken. I went to the LMC chandlery and bought a new ring terminal for #6 wire and installed it. I hope all alternator problems are fixed for now.   

The boat speed/log not been working since our trip to Trinidad in 2014.  When I was in Trinidad I removed the log transducer and took it back to Ohio.  I tested it on a friends boat and it worked.  Back in Trinidad once it was installed it worked when I backed Changes out of the travelift slip.  It also worked for the second half of the trip to Grenada.  It hasn’t worked since.  Once at LMC I ordered a new speed transducer.  It arrived on yesterday May 21.  Today, I first tested the speedo then started to take everything out of one locker and get all the cushions up to have access to where the wires are.  While removing things, I found Lorraines’s missing tropical hat she bought in Martinique down in the corner between the chart table and the hull.  She is thrilled!!  Below is ghe salon torn apart so that I could route the wire from the transducer.


I pulled out the old wire then ran the new wire and connected it to the instrument computer.  It sounds easy but it took over an hour to get the wire installed.  The transducer itself easily went in the existing mount.  Now we just wait until we leave LMC to see the speed displayed on the Nexus multi display. 

On Wednesday May 20 afternoon I sanded the dinHy seats and gunnel and painted the seats red and  varnished the gunnel.  Yesterday, I put on a second coat.  Lorraine says it looks good.

Small things.  I check the batteries on Tuesday May 19 and added 1 gallon of distilled water.  I checked and adjusted the stuffing box.  I checked the exhaust pipes and they seemed ok.  When installing the windlass I found the starboard running light wire was broken.  With a short piece of wire and two butt splices the light was fixed.  I called icom service about the 735 ham radio not working on SSB transmitt.  The crystal is broken and unfortunately they no longer service the 735 and the parts are not available.  We need a plan B.  But likely we’re not getting a new one now.

We are all done with the boat projects for now.  The plan is to wait for Ken Blyth to arrive Sunday and leave likely Tuesday for our offshore passage to Beaufort Inlet and Oriental, NC.  Then we’ll continue north on our way back home.

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