We are still Sailing Fort Lauderdale to Norfolk Virginia.

I know it’s been a long time since we posted but it’s never too late to start up.  The last time you heard from us we were in Fort Lauderdale.  Well from there with the help of ourgood friend Ken Blyth, we sailed to the Cape Fear River and then motored up the inter coastal waterway to Mile Hammock Bay to anchor for the night near Fort Legune.   This leg was 551 nautical miles.  We started May 26 in the morning and stopped on May 29 in the evening for a3 1/2 day trip.  We sailed for the first 2 1/2 days and motor sailed the rest.  Ken was a great help and even cooked dinner on days 2 and 3.

Changes at Lauderdale Marine Center

The boat across from us at LMC

Flamboyant Tree On the New River in Fort Lauderdale

On the New River

The next day May 30th we motored up the intercostal to Moorhead Yacht Basin and docked at 1:04 PM.  We had got in touch with my old friends Tom and Beverly Love and had it set up so Bev would take us to a clinic for Lorraine as she had an infection.  Afterwards, we went over to their house to see Tom Love.  Tom is 81 and has some health problems.  We had a great visit then Beverly took us back to Changes.

Changes at Moorhead City Yacht Basin

Tom and Beverly Love and Phil

The next day we motored over to Oriental, NC and with the help of Don And D Wogamon found a dock in Oriental Harbor Marina.  We attended two pot lucks at the Wogamon’s house.  We also drove KEn to the New Bern airport so he could get back to Canada. While there we saw Donand D’s boat with the new interior and Doug and Anne’s boat with the new paint job.   Ater 5 days in Oriental we were ready to leave moving northfor the Chesapeake Bay.

 Don, Anne, Lorraine, Ken and Phil

 New interior on Southern Cross. Don and D’s boat.  First picture is their aft cabin, and this is their galley.

Doug and Anne Sidden’s boat Drakus

Thursday June 6th we cast off to head north on the intercostal waterway.  This trip was up the Neuse River, the Bay River, a canal to the Pamlico River then the Pungo River to the Alligator River Pungo River Canal.  We went through out the canal and anchored just off the side of the Intercostal Waterway.  This trip took all day and we covered 67.4 nautical miles.

The next day June 5th was another long day of motoring to get to Coinjock, NC. We pulled the anchor around 7am and went up the Alligator River to Albemarle Sound then the North River to Coinjock.  This was a trip of 48.1 NM. We tied up to a marina dock for the night as there is no good spot to anchor.  Also we had electicity, water and showers.

 Mark with osprey nest and typical 65 foot high bridge over the waterway

On June 6th we left and went up the North landing River to Norfolk VA.  We were unlucky as we kept missing the timing on the bridges but later in the day it got better.  After the North Landing River we entered the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal then the East River and Norfolk.  We docked at a condo dock.  It was Harbor Fest and we spent time seeing the tall ships and other sights with friends Jeff, Janet, Andy and Sally.  After the weekend Jeff and Janet we going outside up to New York City.  Andy and Sally and us were going to buddy boat to St. Mary’s MD just up the Potomac River. We went to the navel museum, the battle ship Wisconsin and the Chrysler art museum watching their glass blowing demonstration at noon.

From the left Janet, Andy, Sally, Phil, Lorraine and Jeff 

Tall ships

  More tall ships
 The big guns

Glass blowing at the Chrysler Art Museum
We have been enjoying our trip north and was so glad that we made the outside jump cutting more than 20 days off our trip versus if we had done the same going stretch up the ICW.

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  1. Phil, Are you back in Cleveland. I have been trying to call you. Your phone is no longer in service. Call me. Steve Russell

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