SV Solitaire Trip around Lake Erie

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I posted. Phil has a old friend (not necessarily in years, but length of their friendship) that has a 1977 Tartan 37. Ted hasn’t been able to get out as often, and we would like to sail more, so a partnership was created where we do sweat equity and Ted comes out sailing with us or us with him. We are going into our second year and working out pretty good. I’m still working weekends as a hospice nurse and i’m going to be taking off the last week in June and first weekend in July. Now that Phil and I are fully vaccinated and boostered for Covid 19 and Canada and US has opened their borders, we’re going to use the time to circumnavigate most of Lake Erie. We do miss going to the Canadian ports that we had visited so often through the years.

My purpose in blogging is to help us remember this trip. It’s also to let people know about our trip.
Our plan is to sleep on the boat, Monday, June 20 and get an early start Tuesday morning. In the summer, we leave early so that we can get to the next port before any afternoon thunderstorms get a chance to build. We plan to go to Ashtabula, then Erie, Pennsylvania. How long we stay and where we go next, as always, is dependent on the wind. We do want to visit Port Dover, Port Stanley, Leamington, Pelee Island and maybe some of the islands of Western Lake Erie. I will start to check my Facebook Page SV Changes if anyone wants to contact me. Also I’ll check the comments on this blog.

7 thoughts on “SV Solitaire Trip around Lake Erie

  1. Keep up the sailing . Good to hear from you. We day sail on Winsome 1, C&C 36.
    Now in Amsterdam to go on a family cruise to Norway. 9 of us. No Covid!!!
    Jim and Linda

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    • So good to hear from you Jim. Jill and I were wondering how you and Linda were doing. We lost your email and phone number so don’t know how to reach you. If there’s any way that we could safely get that info we would appreciate it! Hope that you guys have a great trip ! It sounds like a wonderful place to go.


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