Day of Preparation

Monday, June 20, 2022

It’s been a long day getting up about 730am and then putting clothes and items that need to be packed on the bed. I took a shower and both of us dressed, left, each driving our own car, for Catawba Island and Port Clinton so that we could get the bath key for the Condos, and drop off Phil’s Jeep Cherokee for us to use to get back home after docking the boat at the end of our trip. i had worked Saturday and Sunday, as usual and had a little over a quarter tank of gas. I was talking to a knitting friend about a mile from the W117th exit, when I realized i needed gas NOW. i quickly finished my conversation, called Phil with 1/2 mile to the exit, and reached him in time so both of us could get off for Get Go gas. I get discounted gas there, so shaved 20cents off the $4.84/gal price. Besides the discounted gas, it’s an easy off and back on the freeway. We first went to Port Clinton and got the key then got to Rt 53 easily. It didn’t take long to put the jeep in the garage, get the engine mount out of the dockbox, then used ”the head” what is called the bathroom on a boat. On the way back home, we stopped at Dianne’s Restaurant for a late breakfast. I drove us to MLK Blvd, then pulled over so Phil could drive and I get a nap. I got more gas at Get Go on Rt 306 in Mentor, where I could get $0.40 off per gallon. Back home, we worked on packing as I was washing clothes. About 6pm, the car was loaded so we went to Sammy’s Restaurant for supper, both of us getting meatloaf with mashed potatoes with soup and salad.

We got to Grand River Yacht Club (GRYC) and unloaded the car. It’s a good thing that we are sleeping on the boat tonight, as we needed to make two trips back to the house for items we forgot. i returned for frozen vegetables, burgers, potatoes and onion. When I was almost to GRYC, Phil called and he had forgotten something of a personal nature. This time Phil drove home. While he was there, I remembered that I forgot my toiletry bag, then Phil found the items I set aside this morning after my shower. I would have had a hard time replacing those items with the products I like.

It’s 945pm and everything is put away. We are sleeping in the salon taking advantage of the air conditioning. Phil is reading ”Into the Storm” by Tristram Korten which he said is a good book. I’m writing this post.


When sailing, weather is very important determining where you can sail and if you can sail. Currently it’s 70 F and cloudy. The next 2 days are the longest days of the year. Sunrise is 550am and it sets at 9pm, giving us an early start. From the entrance of Fairport Harbor, Ohio to Ashtabula is about 26nm plus 1.9nm to the harbor entrance and more up the river at the other end to get to Ashtabula Yacht Club. According to the Windfinder app, the wind is predicted at 5am to be from WSW 225deg 10kts max 21kts, so will be gusty, but we’ll be sailing downwind so no problem. Waves are starting <1ft building to 1.5ft so that’s good too. By 2pm in Ashtabula, the wind builds to 14kts gusting to 24kts from 262deg with waves 1.4 ft. We’ll see what it’s really like tomorrow. On land it’s supposed to get to 90F, so this will be a good way to stay cool and with the wind, we shouldn’t have any biting flies!

We are planning on sailing to Erie, PA on Wednesday, which will be a longer day. We’ll want to leave early, which is 5-530am. The long range forecast is for the winds to build as the day progresses.

The software for this blogging site has changed since I last did this. I’m working on how to get photos added to my posts. It seems they will take photos up to 2GB’s and most of them are way higher. I’ll be investigating how to copy them as smaller files. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I’m working off an iPad with the latest operating system.

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