A Saturday and Sunday in Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada

June 25 & 26, 2022

We’ve been busy seeing and visiting with people, going places that I didn’t take the time to blog Saturday, so here is this weekend in one post.


We woke a little before 8am, which is sleeping in for me, to a beautiful day. 68F, calm winds, and blue skies. It was 68F outside which felt warmer than inside the boat. I put on my new white capris and Tegna top. There was a huge spider web across the opening from the cock pit out, so too the fly sweater to tear it down. It’s quiet with only us and a man on his power boat next door. I can hear the rumble of cars crossing the bridge. Phil has decided to get the folding bikes we brought put together. I’m on the covered deck getting yesterday’s post published since this is where the clubs Wi-Fi works. Phil had the folding bikes put together by 9am, and made himself coffee for the first time this trip.

This morning we rode the bikes to the big beach. We haven’t been here on a Saturday for years and it was busy.

All the different cabanas people use at the big beach

We left our bikes leaning against the lifeguard station and walk down the beach. Then we rode the road along the beach. There are many new condos built there. Then we came to a park that had a playground and turned around there and on the way back, we rode the path along the harbor entrance almost to the pyramid. Back at the boat we relaxed a little. I had a sandwich for lunch. Then I went to the club house deck to do some knitting in the shade.

Port Stanley Sailing Squadron Club House

In the afternoon, we rode the bike to the local grocery store for water and a few other items. Then Delbert came over and we showed him down below Solitaire, which he liked.

This afternoon, we could hear a band. Jeff, a long time psss member, said that it was at the legion hall close to the bridge. We walked over and I had a Mike’s Black berry drink, and Phil had a corona. Turns out there was a long line for the lobster roast and the The Bass Band was playing really good music.

Legion Hall
In line for the Lobster dinner. $50 Canadian each. You had to buy the tickets in advance.
The Smokin Bass Band and Phil

We came back to the boat after the 630 bridge, and dinner of steak for us and turkey for Ruth and Dick, salad, broccoli and potatoes. We talked and enjoyed the company of our friends until about 9pm then got ice cream at Broderick Ice cream store across and down Bridge street. Their ice cream was really good and large portions. It was close enough we came back to the club to eat it.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

We got up a little before 8am. I took a shower, and on the way back to the boat there was a heavy sprinkle. I was reading my email, saw a long one from Karin and decided to FaceTime them to see if they were available. Lucky for me, Karin, Gerrie and Mary Beth all answered!

Phil took a shower while I continued talking with my knitting friends about 930am. Diane Lesak came over while we were on Facetime and was introduced to the ladies. We haven’t been able to make phone calls home or get text messages on our phones even though we bought Gigsky. Mary Beth gave us info for Consumer cellular (CC). That combined with used PSSS’s land line, got us in touch with CC so that I could use the phone through Wi-Fi and call people in the States. That’s a relief. Phil still wasn’t able to, so later on we called CC again. Turns out we had to power it down and turn on again. Email is still the best to reach us consistently, but you can try to call if you want. I think that we would only get it if we’re connected to Wi-Fi.

We got ready and Diane had offered to drive Phil and I to St. Thomas and see some sights. Diane drove Phil and I to a big grocery store in St Thomas so we could get water and a few other things. We got fresh strawberries at a local farm, then we went to her house in St. Thomas meeting her dog Lola and seeing her back yard and the plants she was growing there. On the wall in the dining room, she has made buildings painted by her Uncle of places in St. Thomas.

Diane’s Uncle Paintings

Afterwards we went the the Elevated Park that has art work and plants with a walkway on a unused railroad trestle. There are wildflower gardens on the say to the park.

More of Uncle’s paintings
Diane Lesak

We had lunch at The Bistro restaurant having the Sunday dinner special about 1 pm. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, roll and peas. Phil tried in his joking way to have dessert included, but the owners daughter wasn’t having it.

We saw the Jumbo statue of the Ringling Brothers Circus elephant was hit by a train in St. Thomas and was killed.

On the way back we passed the St Thomas Railway Museum, but didn’t have time to stop. I found out later today that it closed at 4pm and only open Fri, Sat and Sunday. Maybe next visit.

At the boat, I put away groceries, Phil looked at the boats at the end of the street. He was invited aboard Bob’s boat a CS 36 and saw Jeff’s 1972 C&C 35 We got Phil’s phone working. Called Consumer Cellular and found out we needed to power down and turn it back on to get the phone thru Wi-Fi function so now he can make phone calls. 430pm Phil went to the local grocery store to get pound cake for use to pour rhubarb/strawberry sauce for dessert.

539-605 pm. We went back to the Legion Hall and listened to Bob’s Your Funkle band. We really enjoyed them. Phil and I danced to Natural Woman song. I really liked the lead singer today and Phil liked the female lead singer yesterday.

After the band was done playing, we came back and I started making rhubarb and strawberry sauce which was good over the pound cake. We decided to cook the pork chops on the grill and warm them up later or eat them cold. We weren’t hungry for them tonight. Phil put the bikes away. We’ve been looking at the weather forecast all day trying to decide if we’re leaving tomorrow or Tuesday. It’s going to be in he mid to upper 60’s tomorrow with wind NW 10-20 kts. That would be a beam reach and we could sail with low waves closer to shore. Windfinder shows lighter winds on Tuesday from the S to SW, but if light enough, we could motor through them. The land forecast for Tuesday shows SW winds 10-20mph and that would not be good. So we’ll see what it’s like in the morning and make a decision then. The worse that will happen is that we come back to PSSS.

As I was writing this, we had a beautiful sunset with lots of pinks and deep reds. It’s not the same, but below is a picture. BTW, if you’re having a hard time seeing the pictures, tap on them and see if they open into a bigger picture.

Pink at night means sailors delight.

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