Moving on the Boat

Sorry that it’s been so long since we last posted. We’ve been really busy with boat projects and packing as we are MOVING ON THE BOAT! There is a new page in the S/V Changes top right which did not get sent to you since it’s technically not a “post”.

So when is this happy occurrence? This Memorial Day Weekend. If you ask Phil, he’ll say Saturday; me I say Sunday. So I’ve taken a few minutes to give you a brief update. Phil did get the six 12V Caframo Fans hard-wired in so I’m sure that I will be happy with having better air circulation, especially in the V-berth. You know how us menopausal women are. Phil also aired out the mattress and sprayed Febreeze so the odor in the V-Berth is also better, which for anyone that followed our last blog,, was one of my chief complaints.

We have also been working on spreadsheets so that this time, we’ll be able to find where we stored items when we need to find them 2 years down the road. Another spreadsheet Phil created was to put the miles and the locations traveled on our return from the Bahamas in a graphic visual format so you can really tell the intensity of our travel. I liked it so much, that we expanded it to have it set up for our future trip. If I can figure out how to include it in the blog, I’ll include that also. Feel free to comment on any suggestions on how to do using the Numbers App. I’m hopeful once we start traveling, that I’ll have some time to improve the blog, and maybe even go self hosted, as one thing I learned from the Word Press Camp that we went to, is that there is really a minimal amount that we can do in the format we’re in now.

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring that has sprung into summer with the 89F temps we had today.


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