Update Solar Panels

Back in March we wrote about adding the Solar Panels to the boat. How are they working you might ask? Great!!! While Changes was still on her cradle, Phil had them installed and connected to the Blue Sky Controller and the golf cart batteries. It was in no time the refrigerator was turned on with the obligatory case of beer (for Phil to recover from his hard work) and the batteries were charged to 13.66 volts! Now that Changes is in the water, we still don’t have her plugged in to the yellow dock line (power cord) unless we have to have the small ceramic heater running for those cold days or mornings.

So far we are thrilled how they are working, but we’ll see how they do with the cloudy day.


3 thoughts on “Update Solar Panels

  1. Thanks for adding us to the posts. Great to hear about the solar panels and their efficiency. We will follow along and have a great summer, hope to see you on the lake. We have the Aug 6-16 off to travel on the water this summer. Love Ruth and Dick


  2. Lorraine, tell Phil that my phil put three solar panels on our boat last spring…found them on ebay…same installment, but we have 3 8D’s they are connected to…our fridge runs all the time with it…13.60…we are so thrilled, and feel your joy!!!!


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