Saturday in Port Stanley

Yesterday was a day for meeting old friends. We really enjoy the PSSS (Port Stanley Sailing Squadron). They have a nice little club and they are so friendly! Phil has been coming here since since 1979, the first year that he bought Changes. Heather and Murray Rand were here that first year and are now cruising to the Bahamas each season on S/V Windswept IV and who we met up with in Pipe Creek on our first trip down to the Bahamas. The year before we went cruising, this club had SEVEN boat go south. Some of them made it to Florida, and others did make it to the Bahamas. One of those couples is Dick and Ruth and we’ve been able to connect with them yesterday. Ruth and I have a lot in common with sewing so we enjoy seeing what we’ve made for the boats. I’m so glad that we came here to start our trip south. We also reconnected with Steve and Terri on S/V Needful Things. We’ve know Steve and Terri for 10+years I would guess.

I have a few photos of when we were at The Buccaneer Restaurant yesterday morning for breakfast and our walk back.

Old photos of Port Stanley at Buccaneer Restaurant


Port Stanley Beach


Port Stanley Lift Bridge


Phil on Port Stanley Lift Bridge


Port Stanley Sailing Squadron


Yesterday, Terri P, Cindy from S/V Notorious and I went mostly window shopping as there is NO ROOM for me to buy anything. They have lovely shops here and a new one is Pepper Tree Spice Shop. What wonderful smells when we entered. They have some unusual spices, Lavender, three kinds of Cinnamon, it seemed like 5 kinds of Curry, hot, sweet, and from different countries, carribean rubs, and more. I did buy the Mexican Spice Blend as we plan to make enchiladas on our trip. We made our way to the Russel House Hotel Shop for Cindy to see if she could exchange her Tilley hat. Tilley Hats are made on Canada and wear like iron. Cindy has had her’s for 10 years and they are guaranteed so if there is anything wrong, they will replace it. I decided that I wanted one too since it would get lots of use with me being out In the sun all the time. I did find that hat I wanted, but they didn’t have my size. They could order it, but wouldn’t come in until Tues or Wed. Will we be here? Not likely after taking a look at the weather forecast. The Canadian equivalent of the US AAA, the CAA carries a large selection of Tilley Hats, but is closed on Sundays. So no luck there. So Ruth measured my head, and it looks like I need a size 7 1/8. I still trying to decide if there is a way to get one locally, paying the 13% HST tax ($10.27) or buy online and have it sent to my brother with free shipping. There is something to say about supporting the local economy where we are cruising but will we be here long enough is the bigger question. And to cover the room on the boat situation, I will get rid of my current hat to make from for the Tilley hat.

The afternoon was spent napping for Phil and for me knitting and talking with club members and visitors at the club’s shaded deck. Then we, being everyone on S/V Notorious and S/V Changes, took showers and got dressed up for going out to dinner at The Wharf in town.  Ron T. from S/V Crews Control also joined us.


On our way walking to the restaurant, we saw this tree so I just had to pose. Sorry I can’t figure out how to get the rotated photo into this blog. Instructions welcome.

Port Stanley Library Tree


After dinner we heard great music at Mickey’s Boathouse, so we danced our way down to listen. They were super busy and the guys just finished a set, so we decided to go back to the boat.

We ended up welcoming Dick and Ruth aboard, but it wasn’t too long before my eyes were drooping and we called it a night. After all, my nap this morning was for only 1.5 hrs, but I did good energy wise today and we had the whole day here instead of for transport.  Good trade off I think.


4 thoughts on “Saturday in Port Stanley

  1. Hi Lorraine, Sounds like you are doing just fine. Miss you already, but love the blog. That sunset picture was worth it all! You look great next to the tree by the way. Take care and keep the blog going. Say Hi to Phil for us. Sally and Walt


  2. LorraineA bit of trivia for you. There used to be a ferry from Port Stanley to Cleveland. In the 20s Bettys Mom and Auntmet their husbands visiting Cleveland from London, Ontario.As a young girl, Betty rode the ferry to “cousins” picnicsat Port Stanley. There was an amusement park then atStanley.Enjoy your trip and keep the blog going!Say hey to Phil.Ed

    Lorraine posted: “Yesterday was a day for meeting old friends. We really enjoy the PSSS (Port Stanley Sailing Squadron). They have a nice little club and they are so friendly! Phil has been coming here since since 1979, the first year that he bought Changes. Heather and “


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