Passage to Ashtabula Yacht Club

Tuesday, June 21,2022

Boat distance 29.77 nm. GPS trip odometer 175. Not zeroed in who knows how long. We’ll do the math for future posts.

Passage time 5.5 hours which is fast.

We woke at 535am, Phil being up first. The weather 67F with cloudy skies and calm at the dock. We realized last night that Phil had forgotten something and I had other items that I wish I had too, so we got dressed and went home (it’s 3 miles away). While there we fed the cats, Lucy, Casper and Patches. 45 minutes later we were back to the boat and made preparations to cast off.

This is SV Solitaire at GRYC

First was putting the salon in order. We had difficulty pushing the SB (starboard) settee in, but after a few attempts, and using flashlight from the phone to see what we were doing, we were able to push it in. Teamwork and 2 people pushing at the same time did the trick.

Mainsail cover off, yellow dock line disconnecte. 658am Phil started the engine. We Tried to leave at 708am but it felt like line attached. Phil was slowly in reverse, but the boat kept going to port. The boat wasn’t going anywhere except towards the dock! Turns out the water level had dropped and we were aground. Then we saw that centerboard wasn’t up all the way. Phil moved forward enough and I was able to wrench up the centerboard. Then we backed out without difficulty. We definitely are not used to that. Another lesson learned. We Left the dock at 712am. The Lines are put away, TWS 7.7-8kts from 123 deg. The Sun has risen now, most of morning clouds at sunrise have dissipated.

Exit Fairport Harbor: 0730. Let out head sail. 0734 but stuck, port jib sheet was tight on winch. We loosened the jib sheet and all fixed. Course compass 75deg, almost dead downwind rolling back and forth. Took Marazine 735am

Trying to get a better wind angle, we Jibed 742am jib on SB side, engine off. Wind angle 120 compass course 15degree GPS course 20-25. Compass now 25-30 deg TWS (True wind speed) 12-14, 1.5’ waves with white caps. Still back and worth motion of the boat. Didn’t raise the Head sail and didn’t put down the centerboard while in the harbor.

0750 gps course 43 Compass 30 deg

0758. Winds 18-20 kts boat speed 6-6.25kts.

We’re trying to decide whether to raise the main for better boat motion, but with the higher, gusty winds, would likely be overpowered. So we decided we won’t do anything.

0830 – 0933 one side effect of the Marazine, is that in about an hour, it makes me tired, but this trip I didn’t get seasick, but had 2 naps.

0943 jibed the head sail. Compass Course is 105deg. ETA to Ashtabula is 12-1230pm

It’s cold out here, and after putting on my blue vanilla sweater, wind breaker with summer quilt covering my legs, I was warm. This is typical from the cool water we’re sailing on. Wind is 15-16 Kts, boat speed 5.3-5.5 kts.

1154 almost there to Ashtabula. I woke from another nap and we’re 1.5 nm away. The tall smoke stack is in view. Wind 18-19 kts from 190 deg, it’s warmer outside. Boat speed 6.22 kts.

Enter Harbor 1205. Engine start 1206. Roll up head sail 1208. Was hard due to the wind. Then hard for me to see the red to go into the river. Phil took over at the wheel and drove the boat to Ashtabula Yacht Club.

Entrance to Ashtabula Harbor

Into the river 1215. There used to have huge piles of coal being watered down to prevent fires with a bridge for the conveyor belt alongside the river. All that’s left now is the bridge that goes to nowhere.

Old conveyor belt bridge over Ashtabula River.

Up to lift bridge 1220pm. Need to have 1 long and 1 short blast of horn to open on hour and half hour. We went through at 1230pm opening along with a C&C going out the river.

Docked @ 1245pm. Engine off. Docked B4.

AYC member Chris Barrey helped docked. George welcomed us who owns a 31’ Allmond sailboat. The members here are so welcoming offering us the use of their cars, but we’re set for now. I’m glad we started our trip here as it’s been years that we came here.

Entrance into Ashtabula Yacht Club

After we arrived, we had leftovers from dinner for lunch today then filled water tank which is much bigger than what we had on Changes. At 215pm went for a walk looking at the boats at dock here. They have eclectic options from boats that are very much works in progress to beautifully maintain boats. We saw some familiar boats, then went to Raul’s, which is their open but covered outdoor kitchen and meeting area. There we met Tim and Paul and socialized. The temp is 85F dew point 59deg and still breezy.

430pm we walked up Bridge St to Halcyons Restaurant for supper. I had Mediterranean linguini; Phil had a burger both with delicious side salads. I brought half my pasta home and plan to warm up for lunch tomorrow.

Mediterranean Linguine

Halcyon Burger

We were back a little after 545pm deciding to hang out down below with the A/C struggling to keep up with the heat. I’m glad that I brought the fan. Phil is sleeping while I’m writing. The plan tonight is to take showers and relax. The plan for tomorrow is to leave early about 6am for Erie while the winds are still WSW to W.

Relaxing by the boat at AYC

At sunset. Really miss all the sunsets when cruising!

Solitaire Docked B4 AYC

4 thoughts on “Passage to Ashtabula Yacht Club

  1. Wow, looks like a great trip, but a lot of work! I never realized it was so complicated to sail! Keep us posted! Enjoy!


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