Raining? See our Water Collection System in Action

When Phil built the hard Bimini, he put a 3/8″ high fiddle around the top of the Bimini, drilled a hole in each forward corner big enough to put a fitting in there with barbed narrow end that a 3/8″ clear tubing could be attached to under the Bimini.  The tubing is long enough to hang over the side of the boat, or be flipped in to go in a bucket, or what we found worked even better, inside a Sun Shower!  We have a 5 gal Sterns Sun Shower from the last trip.  That’s the one that has opaque plastic with some kind of yellow junk on the outside.  We were given a 6 gal Sun Shower, thanks Andy & Kathy, and I bought a 2.5 gal Sterns Sun shower.  We were able to fill them quite full, and at about 1 gal of water per shower, that will last us about a week or more.  Below are pictures of the system in action.  We also collected water in buckets/baking dish from the water coming off the dodger track where our go between attaches to the Dodger.  






This last photos are the Sun Showers full of water. The next several days are to be sunny, so I’m sure we’ll be able to have hot showers as long as we take them before the sun goes down. Lorraine’s happy!



3 thoughts on “Raining? See our Water Collection System in Action

    • I see that she is already following. I heard about the bad storms there. How is everyone doing? We had some rain too, as you could see, but not as bad as what Ohio had.


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