Buffalo Yacht Club

We woke early this morning, not having a very good night sleeping after the wind shifted to northwest and pushing our boat onto the fenders between us and the dock, which squeaked loudly all night until Phil got up about 5am to put dish soap on the fenders, which helped the noise tremendously. Wish that I knew that trick when I woke to check to make sure everything was ok about 2am.

After my normal preparations, which includes putting away anything which can fly though the air when the boat is heeled over and making sandwiches for lunch, we cast off the dock lines at 645am, left the inner harbor at 649am, raised the mainsail at 654am and set our course at 52 degrees for Buffalo Harbor with an eta of 1203pm. The waves were 2-3ft and the wind was very sporting about 12-15 knots when we expected about 5 knots. Phil turned off the engine at 843am. I went down for a nap and when I came up about an hour later, the wind was already starting to die and clock to the east. Phil went down for his nap, and we had to start the engine as our speed went down to ❤ knots. We entered Buffalo Harbor at 1208pm and were docked at the Buffalo Yacht Club about 30 min later.

Now we had to make preparations for having the mast lifted off the boat and put in the supports Phil made. First we took the dinghy off the boat, and miracles happen, we now had a water line. Phil has been telling everyone that it was all MY stuff that lowered the water line, which we now know is not true. 🙂 We also are not heeled to starboard anymore. Then we took the Main sail down and folded it, moved the wooden mast support forward in front of the hard Bimini lifting it with the Mainsail halyard, so now our solar panels are working at full power! We took off the boom and the took down the jib and folded that.

We were hungry early, so I fixed brats, cabbage, and potatoes in the pressure cooker, and put on top before closing the lid the 2 leftover ears of corn. Very good, and had a little left over. The previous day, I made ice in our little freezer. I do this by putting water in a sandwich ziplock bag and place it in the freezer. Then I use an ice pick to break it up. Works great and Phil enjoyed his first glass of Jamesons on the trip. I took a short nap, hey I'm in semi-retirement. We took a walk to get an ice cream cone walking past the entrance to the Peace Bridge to Canada. There are many parks here and quite a few people walking or running. The first park we walked by had a swimming pool and water fountains for the kids to play in. There must be a skateboard park close by, as we saw a few groups of teenagers walking with their skateboards on their heads. Both Phil and I are going to take showers, as I told him anytime there is a shower available, I'm going to use it, because soon enough, they won't be available.

The wind has lightened as it's getting close to sunset, the sky is blue with hopefully just enough clouds to give us a pretty sunset.

Tomorrow morning, we'll go through the Black Rock Canal Lock, and then to where we will have someone pull the mast. We expect to enter the Erie Canal and go for as far as we can get that day.

On a side note, the Buffalo Yacht Club was started in1860 making it the 3rd oldest continuous Yacht Club in the United States. they also have a summer cliv area in Albino, Ontario, Canada. Inside they have a wall of all the Commodores from 1860 through 2012 and only 2 have been women.




Their bar is a huge boat.


14 thoughts on “Buffalo Yacht Club

  1. Hey Lorraine and Phil, So glad to hear that the trip is moving along. Really envy you two, especially the nap times (ha-ha-ha). Love to read the blog for it gives me something to look forward to during the busy work day. Take care. Stay safe. Sally


  2. Lorraine and Phil– Enjoying your blog– It as been lots of years since we did the entire Erie Canal. We very much enjoyed the free tie up in the park in North Tonowanda. In Lockport, we found an abandoned commercial quay just before the fist wide overpass bridge–this tie was right in town, very handy. Maybe it is still there.. the only other tie up was a marina below the locks. Other standouts were Fairport tie on south side, Seneca Lake on the Seneca Canal–Seneca Falls , a MUST for the home of American Woman’s sufferage, as well as the side trip to Geneva and down to Watkins Glen–a great side trip, two neat little cities. We also enjoyed Spencerport. Got robbed (our only time ever) in Rome and had little police help.Free advice –(worth what it costs?) would be to SLOW DOWN on this trip. There are lots of small towns, all intensely interested in being friendly to boaters on their town walls. Beyond the join with the Oswego Canal, less small towns, less welcome, so enjoy the Western Erie as much as you can… hope this helps. rick butler

    Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 23:38:09 +0000 To: zippityrick@hotmail.com


    • Last trip we enjoyed the Western Erie Canal the most so will be slowing down. If the Erie Canal isn’t completely open, my as well enjoy the west end instead of sitting at the middle. I will also be visiting my brother and family for a few days. Thanks for your information.


  3. We are enjoying your posts now, and looking forward to seeing you next month! I’d take every shower available, too, Lorraine. Bought those camper’s/boater’s body cleanse sheets-in-a-packet for cruising, but there is nothing like a real shower! One question – do you have word that you will be able to make it through all of the locks to the Hudson River? We heard that one was still closed, but that may be old news?


    • The locks close and open all the time especially when there has been a lot of rain, but it is my understanding that they have to repair one of the dams. Phil is sure that they will be able to do it.


  4. Wow, sounds like you folks are moving right along. Did your schedule change? We were not expecting you to be in Long Island Sound until the first week in August.
    Chet (and Carol)


    • We are still hoping to be there the first week of August. Count on 10+ days on the Erie Canal as we are staying a few days to visit Lorraine’s brother in Rochester, 4 days on the Hudson, then travel to get to your marina. What is the name of your marina where your boat is?


      • Great! Thanks. Is there weekly rates? Phil wonders how much it would costs to stay there or is there a place we could anchor instead? We’ll check it out when we get there. Also, our phones are on to talk privately about this.


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