Day with family

Tuesday, July 17

We woke and went to Riki’s restaurant for breakfast. We each had their pancake special of 2 eggs, 2 pancakes and either 2 sausage links or 2 slices of bacon. Afterwards, we took some of the walking tour ending up at the cemetery and walking home along the canal. Pat picked us up about 1115am and we were in air conditioning for the rest of our visit. The triplets were very entertained by Phil on the drive back to their house in Irondiquoit, north of Rochester.


We were surprised that Glenn was home. After the girls had lunch, Pat went to a dentist appt and the girls went swimming in the kiddy pool in their birthday suits. Glenn is encouraging the girls in the potty training endeavor, so when Teagan said she had to go potty, Glenn brought out the girls’s potty chairs.


Nothing happened, and they quickly became pool toys. The girls had a good time using the dog’s drink bowl to try to pour water on their heads and to water the plants and fill an empty pot full of water. They weren’t bothered that pot didn’t fill with water. They just kept trying. After Pat got home about 3pm, the girls went down for a nap. They are sleeping about 2 hrs now. Time for adult time. Early supper was good with the cheese and crackers, skirt steak on the grill, baked potatoes and salad while the girls slept. They are really cute and are talking very well most of the time. They each have their own personality as you would expect. Thanks also for the use of their washer and dryer!

We had a very good time visiting, and went home about 7pm. Glenn visited for a little while at the boat and then he drove back home. It was VERY nice to see everyone and to be in A/C for the day.

Our plans for tomorrow is to get up and be on the road, so to speak, to make the first lock 30 at Macedon by 8am when it opens. We’ll try to get as far as we can tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Day with family

  1. Thanks for the info re your visit and the pictures. Everyone looks wonderful! First day of school went well. We have students on Mon.




  2. Glad you had fun. 🙂 The girls look cute; is it just me or do all the Smith girls end up looking A LOT alike? They remind me of me and Heather, as well as Maggie and Katie, at that age, from what I’ve seen of pictures. O_o

    (Yes, I will answer your invitation. Still very busy and very tired with the adjustment; it’s taking me a while.)


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