Long day of motoring in the heat

Phil woke Lorraine this morning about 640am and we cast off from the dock 656am, ahead of schedule. It started off warm and we reached our first lock just after it opened at 801am in Macedon. It has the unfortunate reputation for the walls being the worse in the canal. We don’t have any more lift bridge to go thru now either. Lock 29 is just before Palmyra where Joseph Smith founded the Church of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1830. We by passed Newark Terminal just before Locks 28 and 28A to continue to Lock 27 and Lyons with their famous Fire Dept Showers. We think these are the best showers, even though it’s too early to take a shower. Lorraine made sure to take some photos.



We walked in 90F heat about half a mile to Aldi’s and then returned back to leave at 220pm. On the way, we stopped at the Peppermint Museum, had a tour and enjoyed a little A/C. Lorraine took over the helm before the next lock 6 miles past Clyde, NY so that Phil could take a nap. At 340pm some welcome rain came down for too short a time. As we were coming up to Lock 25 the rain we sought came down in sheets. We were about to turn around to wait out the rain, but the lock tender opened the gates for us, so rain or no, into the locks we went with our foul weather jackets on finishing the 6′ drop shortly before the rain slowed and then stopped. We decided this was as far as we would go today as the next lock is 31 miles away and though there is a place to tie up 13 miles away, we have had it. 10 hours is enough!
After docking against the high wall Commercial Quay which has lines hanging on the side for us to catch, we quickly hung up towels to shield us from the sun. Turns out it also block the bridge tenders view of our cockpit. There was a Canal boat that went through the lock behind us, but they continued on, which made us happy so that we could take a shower in the cockpit. A lot of good it did us, as typical on a hot summer day, the humidity went up even higher after the rain than it was before. We ate left over cold beans creole style, tomato and mozzarella salad and cooked broccoli in a pan on the grill. Good thing that we like the bean dish, as we still have more to eat. The wind has died as I was able to take a photos of the quay where the reflection was so good, you can see the lines reflected in the water.

And here is a close up.


Tomorrow we hope to cross Oneida Lake and get to Sylvan Beach before high winds come. Being a shallow lake, we heard you don’t want to be on it when the waves kick up.

Tonight is spent reading. The Bad Boy WiFi antenna can’t pick up a signal, but we have good signals through the cellular data on our iPads.

6 thoughts on “Long day of motoring in the heat

  1. I will be in Reno from July23 to July 29 .so hold the posts. I am living vicariously with you and we are having many adventures.


    • I hope that you have a good time on your trip.

      You will need to “un follow” the blog in order to not received the posts. It’s not something that I can do myself. Maybe you can do it by clicking the Follow Button again, and that will in follow the blog. When you get back you can follow the blog again.


    • Yes, you know about that! We are having a good time and this morning 84F in the shade with a breeze felt good, not hot! Thanks for the compliment regarding the photography.


  2. You don’t want to be on Oneida Lake when the wind kicks up. Short, steep chop, but Phil knows this. One of the few times we had it easy on the Cat. I had an anxious crew try and talk me into it on a J-160 and I gave it a quick look and turned right around before we might lauch a $100, 000 carbon-fiber mast overboard.


    • Phil said “oh yeah”.
      First time we were coming up to Oneida Lake, I was very nervous, but we had a good day and no problems. This time, I’m not as worried, just respectful of Mother Nature.


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