Castleton Boat Club

July 25. Day 20

We left Waterford this morning at 756am with M/V Glazmor following us to the Troy Federal Lock 1 on the Hudson River. We were through the lock by 836am.



We passed Albany, NY about 930am

20130726-211010.jpg and arrived at Castleton Boat Club at 1030am to use their crane to raise the mast.
Here are some photos of us raising the mast and it was just the two of us doing this.
The mast still on the boat ready to be lifted.


The end of the mast on the dock so that we can take off the rest of the line and rotate it so it’s facing the right direction.

I controlled the crane and the lines to the mast and the forestay.

Phil tightening the the screws on the shrouds that hold the mast up and keep the mast straight.


By 3pm, we had all the main and jib sail up and we ready to take a break. One of the club members came over to talk to us, and he was a little surprised that it was just the two of us and we had gotten so much done getting there late morning. He said that some people take 3 days to get the mast and rigging up. We can’t imagine that for ourselves. We both took naps, then Lorraine fixed rice and carrots and Phil grilled chicken breasts. We have enough chicken and rice to use them in another dish later this week.

We enjoyed another visit with Rob and Susan. It’s been cooler, so the ladies needed to put more clothes on. Thanks to them for bringing with them 3 gal of oil so that Phil can change the oil tomorrow.

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