Short day to Cornwall-on-Hudson

We set our alarm last night to wake at 6am so that we could raise anchor at 630am to try to take advantage of the tides and currents to get a positive boost. We were partially successful as I’ll discuss later. The winds were calm when we left and there were clouds in the sky which lent to being able to take some reflection photos.
This is Lynch’s Marina very close by to where we anchored.


This photos was taken just as we entered the Hudson River going south. Behind us was a wall of fog, which didn’t overtake us and was soon burned off by the sun.

This is our wake.


Phil and I once again took 1 hour watches. The first hour on our trip, we started out at 6.15k boat (B) and 5.4k GPS (G). By 730am it was pretty even and we started turning the corner at 751am with 6.08 B and 6.4G. The best difference in boat and GPS speed was at 11am with 5.87k B and 7.2k G. The south winds picked up as predicted giving us 1ft waves in the river. About 1130am the favorable current ended but good so we were glad that we were close to our stopping point across from Pollepel Island, to get protection from the south winds.

We continued to pass barges pushed by tugs.


We passed the Kingston Lighthouse


Then passed what I thought was a lighthouse, but is actually listed as green 65 on the charts. It was built in 1871.


Being Saturday, there are MANY pleasure boats going up and down the river, water skiing, pulling inner tube type floats, and kayaking.

20130727-181824.jpg We even saw a paddle wheeler cruising north.

20130727-181914.jpg So as you can imagine, we are bobbing and bouncing around from all the wakes, and hope that once it gets later, that things will calm down. No, Lorraine is not getting sea sick and hasn’t had any problems for a while now. Earlier in our travels, we passed an event with kayakers, swimmers and a gaffed rigged boat with tan bark sails which are red.


Our big meal of the day was pork enchiladas with refried beans and rice. Even though I used leftovers, we STILL have enough for us both for another meal. It’s really hard for Lorraine to cook enough for us for just one meal, though she was successful at it yesterday.

Tomorrow we plan to leave with the favorable current and arrive at Nyack Boat Club to pick up a mooring ball. We will take public transportation in to NYC and to Hoboken, NJ for a day, visit with our friends and expect to start going south again on Wednesday at the latest, weather permitting.

Thank you for all your comments on the blog! Lorraine really appreciates them.

10 thoughts on “Short day to Cornwall-on-Hudson

    • Thanks we will, but when the wind was up and we were having 1-2ft waves from about 7-11pm, Phil was unsettled. The current had us sideways to the wind at times, so we were heeled over pretty good with the gusts. We could see them coming looking at the wind line on the water. We thought about going across the way to anchor, but decided against it as the anchor was set well. Finally, the wind decreased and it was a calm night after all.


  1. Hey Lorraine & Phil – Looks like all the years at SAiling Center from Frankovich on fwd really paid off when stepping the mast by yourselves. Keeping your dock nice and clean – got real muddy when last Friday’s storms raised the river above the docks! Tree islands growing out in the lake & the PickleBills party barge took a stroll to Perry again! Keep up the posts – look fwd to each and every one.


    • Yes we used Frankovic’s crane, but Phil used Al Nozak’s (Uncle Al the sailors’s pal) haha, crane even before that, so you’re right, it did make a difference. Phil knew just what to tell me to help him.
      Thanks for taking good care of our, I mean your dock. 🙂 Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Glad you like the blog!!


  2. Dear Phil and Lorraine:
    My names Ron, and my wife Ann works at Hospice. She was kind enough to share your first entry with me, and ever since then I’ve been hooked ( being an ex boater on the West end of Lake Erie). It’s great being able to take this trip with the both of you along with a cup of coffee every morning on my back deck. Be safe, and keep the daily updates coming. They are truly enjoyed.


  3. Was your green sloop with the tanbark sails perchance Pete Seeger’s famous “save the river’ CLEARWATER ? If so, she’d been taking people out for eco-sails for a good 30 years….


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