Nyack Boat Club

This morning we started then engine to warm up, then Phil lifted the anchor while I was at he helm. It’s cloudy the the bottom of the clouds cover the tops of the mountains like blankets. Lorraine took the first helm with a little adverse current, but by 815am, our fortunes turned and we had a favorable current all the way to Nyack Boat Club.
Looking to Pollepel Island

Looking towards Cornwall-on-Hudson. This is also the side that had a good fireworks show last night.


It wasn’t too long until we came to WestPoint as Phil calls it “the war college”. In the distance I could see letters on the roof of a building, but it wasn’t until I got out the binoculars that I could that it said Beat Airforce.


This is a panoramic of what I think of as the fortress part of WestPoint. This is also,the deepest part of the Hudson River. We saw 146ft deep on our instruments, but the charts show on the other side of the river 175ft deep. The river doesn’t really go up high on the left, but it’s hard to get an even picture with the boat moving.


It was quiet on the river today. No barges went past and we saw only a few boats on our way. One was S/V Tortue de Mer, which translated into Sea Turtle using my SayHi app that let you translate from English to many different languages and back into English. So far it has worked for me.

It wasn’t too long that we passed through Haverstraw Bay, which is more than 4nm long. By 10 am we had picked up the mooring ball with a little difficulty. Need to get in practice again and have found out that the new canvas makes it impossible for Phil to hear me yell out how many feet to go until we’re to the ball. Guess we need to get “The Marriage Saver”.

Here they have a boat launch that Larry drove yesterday. It’s not running Monday so we’ll have to put the outboard on the dinghy. So we paid our mooring fee then went immediately into shore on the launch to get showers which saved me from having to heat up water on the stove for showers on the boat. After showers and a trip back to the boat to exchange gear and have lunch, we decided to check out the town and see if we could get some items on our grocery list. This is a view of the Main Street corner at the top of the hill.


This a view of the hill up from the river.


This is the Nyack Boat Club from the street. I’ll talk more about their experience with Hurricane Sandy in another post.


Our friends Judy and Stephen returned from their week long trip to Block Island, inviting us over with them to S/V Aguas Buenas for sundowners. There we met Joey, the owner and excellent host and his friend Will who gave us some excellent advice about getting into Hoboken NJ tomorrow. We had a good time which was cut short by an approaching storm. We had the last launch ride back as they don’t go out in lightening and were tuck in the boat when the rain arrived. It turned out to be more rain on my calibration then a storm.

We both took a nap and had a snack and spent the rest of the evening reading and blog stuff.

Tomorrow our friends are going to drive us to Pearl River to pick up the 9am Pascack Valley train into Hoboken, the last stop. It will take us only 1 hour in the train instead to 1hr 35min if we went on the New York side. I’ve heard of the long lines to wait to get it to Carlos Bakery, so we will see how it goes.

4 thoughts on “Nyack Boat Club

  1. Thanks for the pictures of the Nyack boat club,we anchored when we were there and now I get a chance to see the club house. We are enjoying your trip each day as well. Ruth


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