Sailing in Long Island Sound!!

We took our time getting up and relaxing this morning as we weren’t going far. Phil made French Toast for breakfast, using up our last roll and the sour dough bread from the bakery. It was good as his secret ingredient is, drum roll please, rum!


It got us into a conversation we had with Steve about meal planning. When we were talking about it, Steve could remember the rotation of what they have for breakfast for each day and I thought wow!, he can remember off the top of his head. My next thought was we don’t do that. Actually, we would love to do that and I have intentions of making up a schedule but somehow it doesn’t happen. Phil imagines we try to have a breakfast schedule set up and when the day comes, I would not feel like having what’s on the schedule for that day what ever the reason is and this would happen many times. Phil was just laughing and laughing as we were talking about this. He says we can’t have a schedule because some cosmic force shoots into my brain about what to have and that’s what we have that particular day. How could I go by a schedule thinking that way, and that’s the way I am. Phil said if we had pancakes this Thursday and had to have them next Thursday, she would be “we had them LAST Thursday so we can’t have them today”. Ok, I’m laughing too! He was so funny.

So we didn’t raise the anchor until 948am this morning. We passed City Island.



Then a tug pulling a barge was coming towards us. At first when seen on GPS, it looked like it was going to keep going straight ahead and I tried go to the other side to pass port to port. Then it starting going towards me, so I turned the boat and we passed Starboard to Starboard without any problems.


I saw execution rocks on the chart and wondered what is that? Actually, they are rocks with a lighthouse. Must have been a big problem before the lighthouse was built.

The Coast Guard Katherine Walker Buoy Tender was working on one of the red buoys.

Our windex (wind instrument that tells what direction the wind is coming from and the speed for non sailors) is broken and not at the top of the mast so we have to wing it knowing which direction the wind is coming from. Today for the first time since leaving Lake Erie, we sailed for almost 2 1/2 hours. We didn’t have a lot of wind, and we went max 3.45kts, but the Iron Monster (engine) was silenced. Since we don’t have to go far each day over the next few days, we plan to sail as much as possible. We waited until our speed <2kts consistently, and then started the engine and quickly had the main and head sail down and stowed. We entered Oyster Harbor at about 130pm and were anchored on the edge of the mooring field at 215pm. There were some dinghy races going on in an area we had originally thought to anchor, but here is working out fine.

We had fresh hamburgers, potatoes, and zucchini squash all cooked on the grill. After dishes were done, we watched the goings on on a wooden sailboat. The launch made a few trips dropping off crew, then they started raising the main still on the mooring, and finally with the main and jib sail raised, they released the mooring and sailed off.


We saw a new animal for Dave’s kids. 2 white swans. Here’s a photo of one of them.


We got some advice from Randy about Northport having a dinghy dock and is a nice town to walk through so we will go there tomorrow. As it about 14nm away, so we will try to sail and even if it takes a little longer, we won’t have problems making it there if we start early. If it’s calm tomorrow morning, Phil is going to winch me up the mast so that I can put the windex on to have at least the arrow showing us the apparent wind direction.

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