Fun at Tim’s Shipwreck Diner Northport

Thursday, August 1 Day 28

This morning while the mooring field was calm, Phil winched Lorraine up the mast to put the windex on. Going up with the windex in a bucket, it caught on the inner stay right where it connects I to the mast. It was this close (see my fingers together?) to falling out of the bucket to the deck, but Phil lowered me down a few feet, and the windex dropped into the bucket. RELIEF! Everything else went smoothly and the view was nice from the top of the mast. Once I get my replaced USB cable, I’ll post some of those photos.

We raised anchor at 710am. By 745am, the Iron Monster was turned off and we sailed between 3 to 5.5 knts. After a few tacks going into Huntington Harbor, we turned on the engine to enter the channel and docked at free Northport Town Dock at 1008am at low tide. PJ, the Dockmaster was very nice and would adjust our lines for us as the tide came in if we weren’t on the boat. We took advantage of the free electricity and brought out the yellow dockline (electric cord) and filled the water tank, then it started to rain.


So we stayed on the boat until it eased up, put on our foul weather gear and walked into town looking for a place to have lunch. We came across Tim’s Shipwreck Diner. We walked in, I looked at a menu on the table and a waitress said “you don’t have to look at the menu as we have the best food in town”. We took her word for it and the place was very busy, a sign of a good restaurant we’ve found. It turns out that this diner is an old RR diner car inserted in a space in the building. They have a photo on the wall of the original car and 2/3rds of the diner is still original. They added on another third, with a few more dinette tables and new bathroom which lead to an outside patio I the back in a big renovation the staff helped complete after the wooden wheels were giving out and the floor was sinking. Jeannie was our waitress and very nice, funny and accommodating. The movie “In and Out” staring Tom Selleck and Kevin Kline were the stars in the movie and it turns out I sat in the seat that Tom sat in. There are photos on the wall of the in the diner and how the front of the diner was changed for the movie. Cool! Jeannie was there when the shooting of the film happened. Here is a picture of Jeannie. Sorry that it’s blurry.

20130804-101027.jpgPhotos of the original dining car on the left

20130804-101042.jpg. The inside of the diner.

My meal of asparagus & ham quiche and Phil’s corned beef sandwich.


The last photo is of the diner car inserted in the space before closed up.

20130804-101846.jpg It was a great place to visit and we recommend going for a visit if you’re in Northport, NY LIS.

After walking around town, we went back to the boat to relax. About 630pm, we cast off from the dock, as there is no overnight docking there and anchored on the edge of the mooring field.

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