Change in Plans. Essex, CT Today!

Wednesday, August 7. Day 33

We did get the errands done; visiting the Post Office, grocery shopping and preparing for leaving the dock. Thank you Carol and Chet for transporting us in your cars. We left the dock at 1108am and 1nm and 20 min later were anchored behind the breakwall.

I made a pasta dish with fresh corn, zucchini, carrots and tomatoes. After eating, we relaxed and looked at the weather forecast which is scattered thunderstorms Thursday and higher winds on Friday. We have a short day so thought that we could get there tomorrow morning between the rain. I worked on the blog and we enjoyed watching the boats go by. There were a couple of men fishing and floating by on the tide. They had caught a small fish and tossed it back in.

Mostly there were power boats and their wakes rocking us, but also sail boats motoring along, some with dinghies towed behind them. We had the rest of the rhubarb shortcake. The clouds were starting to fill in from the west so about 5pm, Lorraine suggested that we leave right now and go to Essex so that we didn’t have to travel in the rain. Phil agreed so we raised anchor at 517pm and motored off. Phil let out the head sail so that we could start to sail after we rounded the end of Menunketesuck Island. The winds had picked up with white caps and 2ft seas and we were heading up wind. We were able to sail for about 10 min until we couldn’t point high enough to clear the next point, so we had to turn on the iron monster. Lorraine was getting seasick, so took over the helm, which helped. About 645pm we entered the Connecticut River that had 2 lighthouses. One at the entrance to the channel.

20130808-083136.jpg. And another further up.

20130808-083224.jpg. Just south of I-95 there is the Old Lyme Bridge, a RR bridge. The chart wasn’t helpful giving information and no one answered Phil’s request on Ch 9, but it turns out there are numbers lit that show you how many minutes to go before the bridge opens, so we passed through ok. It looks like the bridge is completely automated. In the photo, the orange lights are the numbers.

20130808-083605.jpg By this time it was about 715pm and as it was cloudy, getting darker. We had contacted Patty when we were about 2.5 nm from the channel, and spoke with her dad who said we would make it before dark, but it was taking us longer than we expected with a negative current all the way. Should we continue to the mooring ball in Hamburg Cove with great protection from the coming weather or anchor across from Essex which is more exposed? Would we be able to see to pick up the mooring ball? We got to Essex at about sunset, and decided to continue on as the iNavX charting software said we’d get there by 810pm. Lorraine is still at the helm as we see the red and green buoys marking the narrow twisty channel into Hamburg Cove. It is definitely getting darker and difficult to see the buoys. We both missed seeing one pair of buoys and we went aground! Phil took over the helm and we managed to wiggle off to head in the right direction. This time Lorraine stood by the mast to look ahead and after 2 more sets of buoys we were in deeper water. Now to find the right buoy. We motored in the direction Patty had talked about, and as the light was fading at 818pm, I spotted RZOLE (part of Orzolek) on a mooring ball and thought that’s it! They had an easy to catch little ball to the loop of line and we were tied up in no time. 5 min later it was too dark to see the markings on the mooring balls. RELIEF! We could tell that it was a beautiful place and very protected as we were told. I texted Patty that we made it and Phil had his cold one (beer). We relaxed outside until the bugs drove us in and we did our typical evening activities.


We plan to stay here at least until Saturday and maybe even until Sunday when the good weather returns. We have been traveling a lot, so deserve some rest days. I’ve been told that Essex is a good place to visit about a mile dinghy ride away, which we would like to do.

These are some photos of Hamburg Cove starting from the channel going around the cove to the east.




11 thoughts on “Change in Plans. Essex, CT Today!

  1. It was fun to see you and Phil again, Lorraine, and to do everything we did together! We covered a lot of ground together, didn’t we? Hope that you are having a good time at Hamburg Cove/Essex.
    You’ve inspired me to pick up my knitting needles again. Am in awe of your fine work on the shawls you brought over, and even may have enough courage to try blocking myself, after seeing your pieces! Also don’t know how you do it with such fine cooking onboard Changes. Thanks to Phil, too, for his sense of fun (and the block) and to you both for the example of world travelers! (We’ll keep trying to go further and further out from home port, LOL!)
    Fair weather and following seas and maybe we’ll see you again before too long??


    • Thanks for all the photos you sent. It was neat to see us anchored at Duck Island Roads. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the blocking and you pretty cables will really shine once they are blocked. Good luck.


    • Lorraine: I don’t know how you stand it getting sea sick all the time. As I told you when you were at Grand River, I am the queen of being sea sick. I can not imagine having to stay on the boat and being sick. Enjoy reading your blog.


      • I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. The seasickness isn’t bad and at least I haven’t pitched it. :). It usually doesn’t last for long and the good times on the trip. FAR outweighs the bad.


  2. We left the marina in Westbrook about 45 minutes after you did on Wednesday, and went out into LIS to sail a little and we circled Duck Island before coming back into the Roads to anchor. We did not see any activity topside on your boat so did not want to disturb your R&R. After you left, we stayed anchored out to watch the evening races plus then overnight, figuring even if the rain did come in the morning we only had a 20 minute trip back in, and the winds were not predicted to be too high. Scattered showers did come overnight and early the next morning (Thurs) but cleared out and the rest of Thursday was balmy. We went back in to our slip at high tide around 12:30, had a nice local lunch, and then packed to come back home.

    It was great seeing you again, and wish you sunshine for the rest of your stay around the Sound.
    Glad it worked out for you to get to Hamburg Cove safe and sound.
    (FYI, bridge tenders monitor CH13.)
    Chet and Carol


    • Sounds like you had a good evening and morning. Phil says he REALLY had a great time visiting Chet and having another engineer to talk to, which he usually doesn’t have. Thanks for the info on the channel for Bridge Tenders. Look forward to seeing you both again.


  3. Really enjoy your photos, especially the lighthouses! And it was good to see Mystic Seaport again. We were there in the fall and enjoyed the experience. Have fun with your new adventures.


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