Rainy day in Hamburg Cove

Thursday, August 8. Day 34

We are on our way to Fishers Island and it’s taken me this long to post about this past Thursday and Friday.

Thursday was a rainy day with rain on and off until mid afternoon. It was a day spent reading and doing things on the iPads. We sometimes have a fair wifi connection so we save our cellular minutes, but not good enough most of the time to watch a movie.

345pm we had an early dinner of Brats, cabbage and potatoes cooked on foil packet put on the grill. We did watch some of the boats on moorings leave and the return later. Phil checked the weather and the winds were in the 20’s, we weren’t surprised by their return.

After dinner we decided to take a dinghy ride deeper into the cove to Cove Landing Marina. This time we lifted the outboard engine off it’s holder on the stern rail with the Main halyard but had the dinghy on the starboard side instead of the port side. This means that we did not have to physically carry the engine across the cockpit to the port side. I don’t know why we didn’t think about this before bit it is MUCH easier. We usually like to get into the dinghy on the port side because that’s where our boarding gate is, so you don’t have to climb over the life lines to get on but as Phil said “we are still young enough to do it”.

Cove Landing has beautiful wooden boats! We took some photos, so here are a few, ok, several of them. I’m going to load them as smaller photos, but if you click or tap on them, they should get larger. Please let me know if it’s a problem.

Coming up to Cove Landing


20130811-204140.jpgour dinghy in front of a better looking boat

Sailboat that is being worked on

The cat boat.

The cockpit of the cat boat.



Most of the houses along the cover were mansions. But there were a few modest homes, this being a pretty one with character .


We went back to Changes and relaxed for the evening. It was good to be off the boat for a while.

Friday, August 9, Day 35

Friday it rained on and off, sometimes very heavy most of the day so we stayed on the boat all day. Lorraine got out the buckets to collect water off the Sunbrella gobetween tracks until they both were full. She put the Bimini port tubing into the 2.5 gal Sunshower and filled that and filled the 4qt pressure cooker from the starboard Bimini tubing. The water collected from the Sunbrella was cleaner than that collected from the Bimini. Lorraine figures to collect all the water she can for showers while we can. Early in the morning, Phil took photos of Changes’ reflection in the water before the wind picked up and made ripples. Looks pretty good don’t you think?


We plan to take the dinghy to Essex tomorrow since it’s to be sunny and in the Low 80’s.

6 thoughts on “Rainy day in Hamburg Cove

  1. Lorraine I absolute adore the picture on your blog you call The Cockpit of the Cat Boat. It is so beautiful, takes me away to the sea. We are on vacation enjoying your trip. Ruth


  2. We got a lot of rain here at our CT home too and we wondered how you were fairing. A big section of the road near our driveway was undercut by the flow and the pavement has collapsed on one side making it a one lane road.
    FWIW- the small pictures stay small when I click on them, both in the e-mail copy and on this blog site- using IE 10 here.
    Best, Chet


    • That’s too bad about the road damage. Thanks for letting me know that the photos aren’t behaving how I want them to be. Will change them back. We had some rain last night and this morning, but the worst of it went south of us.


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